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Location: Thailand : Parting with Phangan

Four days on Koh Phangan turned into six days without us actually realising it. We found this tiny resort (Haat Tian) completely by chance and we don’t think we could have done any better. Being the only resort in a small bay away from the crowds, it was exactly what we were looking for.

Each day was spent mixing up the following activities in some random order: snorkeling, lying on the beach, eating, sipping shakes, exploring other little beach coves and bays on the motorbike and watching NCIS on the Archos. In short, exactly what we haven’t been doing up until now during this trip – and it was about time!

Because we heard very few good things about Koh Samui (the last of our 3-island stopover) we decided to only go there for two nights. We were happy we did that in the end since we had a far better time on Tao and Phangan. But to be fair we didn’t give Samui a proper try and only saw about one square kilometer of it. Perhaps we’ll see more next time.

Yesterday we got the ferry/bus combination back to Bangkok and now we’re waiting for the minibus transfer to the airport. Yes, you heard right, the airport..

We have been travelling for exactly 6 months today (left London on 26th of March) and we’ll be flying to South Africa tonight for a 6 week break from travelling. We are breaking the no-flight rules a bit, but we promise to be back in Bangkok on the 9th of November to continue where we left off.

We’ll still touch on the blog from time to time, but as you can imagine, we won’t have too much to report on from Bloem and PE 😉

Chat soon