Comment on Cool Kotor by bojan ivana kotor
hey where are you going to work on the cruiser next month.ivana sey "hi" we houpe we well se in Serbia next time
Comment on Cool Kotor by jan
Hi Guys, We know that we are way overdue on replying to your post and on updating the website in general - we can only apologise for that. In short, we took a lot of time out..
Comment on Cool Kotor by Morne and Leanne
Hey guys, where are you, we have been checking your blog, but looks like you have given up on thelast leg of the trip down to Perth and are now gonna fly?? Anyway hope that you ar..
Comment on Cool Kotor by marizanne
Hi Bojan & Ivana, It is so nice to hear from you! We are currently visiting South Africa and are moving to Australia next month. Please keep in touch and come visit us in Pert..
Comment on Cool Kotor by Bojan i Ivana
Hey you what you are doing we are stil in the Kotor and we miss you greeting Bojan i Ivana from Kotor FROM SRBIJA : ))))))))))))))))))
J&M: City of Roses
It has been a long time since we updated the blog, but that is only because we are having the times of our lives in sunny South Africa. We left Bangkok on the 26th September and af..
Comment on Parting with Phangan by jan
Hi guys, Yes, the SA sun has been kind to us and we are having a ball here in good old South Africa. We've been kept busy by Marizanne's folks in Bloemfontain for the ..
Comment on Parting with Phangan by Brutus
Are we going to get some pics of RSA or is this excluded as its not part of the "official" trip?
Comment on Hoi An by Brutus
saw some of Neil's relatives there. same build....
Comment on Parting with Phangan by Morne and Leanne
Hey guys, wow didn't realise that you were heading home for a while, but just as good when seeing the world. Enjoy your break from traveling on the go and chat soon when you ..
J&M: Parting with Phangan
Four days on Koh Phangan turned into six days without us actually realising it. We found this tiny resort (Haat Tian) completely by chance and we don’t think we could have do..
Comment on Koh Tao treasures by Lauren
Sounds like very hard work! Wish we were there, work is a bit of a bummer lately. Enjoy every minute of it!! Sounds fantastic!
Comment on Bangkok – 1st Pass by jan
Hi Nilf & Morne, Thanks for all the tips on places to stay here on the islands! If only we had this kind of guidance up until now our trip would have been a breeze ;) We&..
Comment on Bangkok – 1st Pass by Morne and Leanne
Hi guys Just checking out your blog today and see that you are in Kho Tao and then off to Kho Samoi (spelling) We have very fond memories of Kho Tao and scooba diving and stayed i..
J&M: Koh Tao treasures
Called the ‘turtle island’ because of it’s shape (even though it’s pretty hard to form that exact mental picture when seeing her for the first time), Koh Ta..
Comment on Bangkok – 1st Pass by Nilf and Fee Bill
Islandhopping the Kho'sis the best way to prepare for your holiday from a holiday! What a tough life for some. If you guys make it to Kho Phanang, be sure to stop off at Bov..
Comment on The Road to Battambang by branree
Sunday evening here. A cozy fire crackling away next to us and a howling northwester outside threatening to carry our little cottage off to meet the wizard. Loving experiencing Cam..
J&M: Bangkok – 1st Pass
The mini-bus dropped us off in a very touristy part of town full of funky bars and restaurants and we managed to find a very nice hotel. It was already after 22:00 at this stage bu..
J&M: The Road to Battambang
As much a destination (it turned out) as a travel route, we believe that the road to Battambang deserves a special mention. The 178km trip was suppose to have kicked off at 07:30 o..
Comment on Mighty Mekong Delta by Lauren
Hi! Sorry I've been so scarce lately. Have a stinking cold, and we are moving house at the moment. Taking a bit of strain. Not to worry:) Photos are fantastic! Will email..
J&M: Siem Reap / Angkor
A relatively easy bus ride from Phnom Penh got us to Siem Reap at about 2pm on Saturday. We didn’t want to spend too much time looking for a hotel so we went with one of the ..
J&M: Phnom Penh
No visit to Phnom Penh is complete without a visit to the well known Killing fields and the notorious S-21 prison, so we insisted on starting our one-and-only day in the capital by..
Comment on Halong Bay by jan
Hi Guys, Good to hear from you again - we should sort out a Skype session soon!
Comment on Quick stop in Hue by jan
Marizanne's entries are definately upping the collective average :)
J&M: Mighty Mekong Delta
The pickup was at 08:00 to start our Mekong Delta 3 day/2 night trip. The Mekong Delta is the area around the Mekong river that connects Vietnam with Cambodia and is famous for flo..
Comment on Halong Bay by Ciara & Trav
Still loving the photo's, marizanne that bruise is massive! Hope you received loads of TLC from that man of yours. Keep them travel stories and amazing photo's coming. ..
Comment on Quick stop in Hue by Brutus
your pics seems to be getting better and better, or is that just cause Marizanne now is taking pics too ; ) The ninja in this set is my favorite. Good to see the occasional one..
J&M: Sleepless in Saigon
The bus dropped us off in a very busy backpacker area with lots cheap hotels, bars and restaurants. Jan walked around, looked at a few different hotels and found one that suited ou..
J&M: Nha Trang & Mui Ne
Again we had a reservation and checked into the Blue Star Hotel. There was no swimming pool this time, but the beach was about 3 minutes walk away. We only had 1 day in Nha Trang, ..
Comment on Halong Bay by jan
Hi Brett, Happy birthday for today! Thanks for the comments. Yeah, the fall was pretty hard and could easily have been more serious, so we're lucky. We're in a lovely l..
Comment on Halong Bay by Brutus
shame man! hope you feeling better M, glad to the rest of your trip has been injury free. loving all the photos and stories. Makes my weekend reading all about what you both got u..
J&M: Hoi An
Arriving back at the bus office after our motorcycle escapades, we got on the bus and arrived in Hoi An at around 18:00. We headed straight for the An Phu Hotel in the old town, be..
J&M: Quick stop in Hue
The sleeper bus left Hanoi at 18:30 and we arrived in Hue at 08:30 where we had to change busses. Hue is a small seaside town and has been traditionally been one of Vietnam’s..
J&M: Halong Bay
Being another one of the countless UNESCO World Heritage sites that we’ve visited over the last few months, Halong Bay is a sublimely beautiful place with scenery not unlike ..
Comment on Hot Hot Hanoi by Mamma van PE
Hullo julle liewe twee, Die skype maak dit amper nie nodig om kommentaar te lewer nie. Dit bly egter 'n groot verrassing dat China so fantasties is en was vir julle nie, jull..
J&M: Hot Hot Hanoi
We spent our last day in China in Kunming  and caught the 20:00 overnight bus to Hekou on the Vietnamese border on Tuesday evening. The sleeper bus was from the stone ages with no..
Comment on Farewell China by jan
Hi Guys! That's great news! Can't believe it's going to be a little girl - knowing that really starts to make it real. We're so glad that everything went wel..
Comment on Farewell China by Lauren and Charl
Helloo! Glad the travels are still going well. The trip to SA is a good idea! You can take a break from your vacation:) I think you have earned it! Just to let you know that..
J&M: Farewell China
We can’t believe that our wonderful time in China is now finally coming to an end. What’s harder to believe is that we’ve spent almost 50% of our entire trip so f..
J&M: Tiger Leaping Gorge
Saturday morning we got off to a very early start as we had to catch the 08:00 bus to the town of Qiaotao – the start of the Tiger Leaping Gorge walking trail. About 60 kilom..
J&M: Life in Lijiang
We left the beach and sand of Sanya at 23:55 on Saturday evening to board our first of two overnight hardsleepers. At 08:30 we arrived in Zhanjiang and had to take a local bus to ..
J&M: So long Sanya
The weather was not that great for the last 3 days in Sanya. It was overcast and threatening to rain most of the time, but we still managed to get 2 full days on the beach (as well..
J&M: Once Around
‘Around the world in 80 days’ has proven to be a tough act to follow, it’s taken us 135 days! Although we’re still about 360km short of the magical 40,075km..
Comment on Sun, sea & Sanya by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle twee Sus, kyk na jou e-mail. Baie liefde Pappa xxxxxxxxxx
J&M: Sun, sea & Sanya
Luckily we didn’t have to spent too much time in the chaotic waiting hall before we boarded our overnight train at 21:25 in Guangzhou – not too optimistic about the jou..
J&M: Guangzhou stopover
We left Hong Kong on Sunday around 11:00 and caught the Metro all the way back to Shenzhen on the Chinese border. At the Chinese passport control point, we got held back because th..
Comment on Massive Mission Hills by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle Dit was tog te lekker om met julle te kon Skype gister. Ek het nou die webcam op 'n beter plek gesit en dink ek kon dit regkry om die volume van die mikrofoon harder..
J&M: Hong Kong
Having been reminded of our tight budget recently, we aimed for the ‘cheaper’ part of Hong Kong and started looking for a place to stay in Kowloon as soon as we arrived..
J&M: Massive Mission Hills
The luxury sleeper bus for which we had bought tickets a few days before ended up not being all that luxurious. The bus left Yangshuo at 21:45 on Monday night, and we were cramped ..
Comment on Yangshuo Vol 2 by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle twee Marizanne, dankie vir jou e-mail. Ek kan net dink dat julle dit baie geniet het daar in Mission Hills - veral jy Jan!!! Teen hierdie tyd is julle seker al in Hong Ko..
J&M: Yangshuo Vol 2
After our exhausting cycle day yesterday, we took it very easy on Saturday. We came down for a late breakfast and then spent 3 hours on the internet at the hostel. Around 14:00 we ..
J&M: Yummy Yangshuo
Rolling into Yangshuo on Thursday afternoon, it was clear that this was going to be a much better experience than Guilin. The town is much smaller and really is set snugly amongst ..
Comment on Guilin Day 1 by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle twee Ek wil net vir julle se dat julle moet onthou ons gaan die naweek Pretoria toe - ons en Sune-hulle. Ons gaan almal by Engela-hulle bly. Oom Pieter-hulle gaan ook daa..
Comment on Guilin Day 1 by Mamma van PE
Ag liewe J&M, 2x het my hele skrywe aan julle net verdwyn,en ek kannie nou weer alles oortik nie!! Regine het na julle fotos gekyk,en verder het ek julle gekomplementeer met d..
J&M: Guilin Day 2 & 3
The Backstreet Hostel offers free transfers to some of the sights in town, so we booked one for Tuesday. We were very happy about the late-ish pickup at 10:00 and the driver droppe..
Comment on Guilin Day 1 by nev
Hey guys Hope you are both doing well. Can t believe how far you have got. Places you have visited look amazing. Will have a deeper look ino ther piccies and stories. Keep it..
Comment on Vintage Villages by Brutus
very cool, seems like on of the best places you have visited for pictures so far. so much charachter.
J&M: Guilin Day 1
After leaving Heng Shan, we headed further south to Guilin. The bus trip from Heng Shan to Hengyan was only an hour, but there we could only get a bus at 15:00 to Guilin. Having ar..
Comment on Vintage Villages by jan
Thanks Laurie - yeah, those towns were absolutely great for getting glimpses of real rural life in China. Definately one of our highlights so far!
Comment on Vintage Villages by Lauren
I like the photo of the old man asleep in his undies!
J&M: Heng Shan
Another day, another long distance bus double header.. We left Nanchang at 9:00 on a 6 hour mission to Changsha (the capital on Hunan Province), where we had to change and get a 2..
Comment on Hazy Huang Shan by Brutus
hectic stairs! no wonder those kung fu dude prefer to fly...
J&M: Vintage Villages
We spent the night at a hotel, Xingqiu Hotel, opposite the Nanchang train station (again, one we found in the Lonely Planet). It was nothing fancy and besides the cockcroaches run..
J&M: Hazy Huang Shan
We were in two minds about the amount of time we were to spend in Tunxi – our base for exploring the south of Anhui Province. After the wonderful day visiting the towns of X..
Comment on Placid Putuoshan by Lauren and Charl
Hellooo! Dont have a clue how to message you on skype...Charl says your mic is broken. Thought I would send you a quick message to say sorry I missed you online.
Comment on Xidi & Hongcun by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle twee Dis jammer julle kon toe nou nie Skype gisteraand nie. Ons kyk maar weer later. Ek kan nie verstaan wat Sondag gebeur het met die baie opbreek terwyl ons ge-Skype he..
Comment on Heavenly Hangzhou by ciara and trav
Hi J & M I am in awe of you two travellers....been jealous for about 110 days so far and counting. Love the photos and have read all the entries, but anyway news from the wor..
Comment on 100 DAYS! by Nat and Andrew (London)
Hi Guys Kim gave us the website - we are so guys have seen so much - awsome hope you both keeping well. Love us
J&M: Xidi & Hongcun
Another day of busses, ferries, trains & taxis has brought us from Putuoshan to Tunxi. We arrived at 20:45 at what looked like a parking lot in the middle of now where. Every..
J&M: Placid Putuoshan
Departing from Hangzhou just after 10:00 yesterday morning, we sat through a 30min local bus, 3.5 hour train, another 15min local bus, a 1 hour long distance bus and a 1.5 hour fe..
Comment on Heavenly Hangzhou by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle twee Ons hoop dit gaan nog goed met julle daar in China. Ons is bly julle geniet die land so baie.Hier gaan dit baie goed. Ons kry net baie koud!! Die winter het behoor..
Comment on Heavenly Hangzhou by Mamma van PE
Liefste Kinders, Ja ek is nog hier.Voel of ek lanklaas gepraat het. Die 4Eyes Hostel klink net die plek om bietjie asem te skep,maar ek sien julle vertrek alweer more. Julle het me..
Comment on Heavenly Hangzhou by Morne, Leanne and Ethan
Hey guys, loving your pictures of China, def looks like the place to travel and such beauty, who would have thought!! Had a good chuckle at your travel look Jan with the unshaved a..
Comment on Heavenly Hangzhou by Brutus
sounds awesome, loving the recent pictures of the buildings too. good contrast between old (dragons and figures) and the new skyscrapers.
J&M: Heavenly Hangzhou
The train arrived in Hangzhou station at 10:48 on Monday morning and it was as if stepping into a steamroom.. It is unbearably hot and the humidity must be close to 100%, so we a..
Comment on 100 DAYS! by jan
PS: Photos now uploaded..
J&M: Steamy Shanghai
The train pulled into Shanghai Railway Station around 15:00 Thursday afternoon and we took the Metro to a hotel we found in the Lonely Planet. They turned out to be quite expensive..
Comment on 100 DAYS! by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle twee Ons is so bly dit gaan so goed met julle en dat julle alles steeds so baie geniet!! Ek het 'n baie lekker week voor die TV gehad en het die tennis omtrent geni..
Comment on 100 DAYS! by jan
Hi Leon! Wow, it's been years - good to hear from you! Yeah, we are travelling - some say a bit too far/long, but we're loving it. Keep in touch, chat soon! Hi Laure..
Comment on 100 DAYS! by Lauren and Charl
Hellooo! Got back from SA this morning and a bit jet lagged...flight was very full and noisy Thanks for the Birthday wishes, it was nice to catch up with lots of family and frien..
Comment on 100 DAYS! by Leon Nieuwkoop
Hi Jan, Neil told me about your adventures. Great stuff. I told some of my friends about your trip and no one can believe it. Leon
J&M: 100 DAYS!
Today is day 100 since we’ve left London on the 26th March 2008. To date we’ve covered 34,635km and spent a total of 23 days and 4 hours travelling on one of the 66 tra..
J&M: Zhengzhou
Our plans to go directly to Shanghai from Song Shan didn’t quite materialise. We had to get a bus to Zhengzhou and from there a fast train to Shanghai, but when we tried to b..
Comment on Longmen Caves by marizanne
Hi Annette, Thanks so much for the message - it is really great to hear from you again! I hope and the little one are well - can't wait to see some photos. Lots of love M..
J&M: Soaked Song Shan
After another 3 bus journeys we finally made it to the next sacred Taoist mountain, Song Shan – most famous for the Shaolin Monastery as it is believed that Gongfu (or Kungf..
Comment on Wutai Shan Hiking by jan
Dankie vir die comments oor die fotos julle! Dis maklik om mooi fotos te neem as die scenery so mooi is :)
Comment on Wutai Shan Hiking by jan
Hi Brett, Wutai Shan means 'Five Plateau Mountain'. I'm a bit disappointed in you, thought you would have used wikipedia for that piece of trivia ;) The 5 are ..
Comment on Xian by Brutus
interesting that so many of the terracotta army are smiling. Guess if you going to be around for eternity you may as well be happy about it. great shots
Comment on Wutai Shan Hiking by Brutus
hello there, some impressive photos of the monks, play and the buidings. must be nice seeing so few westerners around too. Tell me does WuTai Shan mean Wu Sacred Mountain? the ta..
Comment on Longmen Caves by Annette Good
Hello Marzianne Love your blog and everytime i've got some spare time at work i go and have a look where you are. Also the pictures you have taken are awesome. Great way ..
J&M: Guoliangcun
One of the girls at the hostel in Luoyang was very helpful and told us that it is possible to go to Guoliangcun in only 2 bus trips (instead of 3 as per our Lonely Planet). We tho..
J&M: Longmen Caves
After our holy mountain experience, we caught a bus back to Xian where we had pre-booked train tickets (again hard sleepers for the 5 hour journey) to Luoyang. Arriving in Luoyang ..
Comment on Xian by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi Julle twee Ons het lanklaas van julle gehoor. Ons glo dit gaan baie goed met julle. Hier by ons gaan dit ook baie goed. Dit is vandag my laaste werksdag! Ek het mos volgende ..
J&M: Holy Hua Shan
On Tuesday we had a lazy morning at the hostel in Xian and after getting up fairly late, we spent a bit of time on the internet (free at the hostel) before making our way to the l..
Comment on Xian by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle twee Dis wonderlik dat julle China so baie geniet met al sy baie tempel- en berg-ervarings! Ons het nog nie weer kans gehad om na al julle fotos te kyk nie - sal kyk of o..
J&M: Xian
We took the overnight  from Taiyuan to Xian and were booked on “hard sleepers”, which basically means it is a very hard bunk – 6 beds per compartment with no do..
Comment on Wutai Shan Hiking by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle twee Ons het so gehoop julle gaan kans kry dat ons weer die naweek kon Skype. Ona het 'n baie stil en rustige naweek gehad. Met almal gaan dit baie goed. Mamma het..
J&M: Wutai Shan Temples
On Saturday morning we woke up to perfect blue skies! This was a big thing as it was the first time that we’ve seen actual rays of sunlight since we arrived in China. It was ..
Comment on Wutai Shan Hiking by Mamma van PE
Ag julle neem die pragtigste fotos. Sulke inters angles.Mens kry so lus om daar te wees. julle tweetjies gaan lekker fiks en maer word van h/d trappe en stappe. Kyk my ander boods..
Comment on Picturesque Pingyao by Mamma van PE
Ek het h/d skyfies baie geniet,veral om van die mense te sien,enook waar hulle bly. Die plekkie lyk regtig so pragtig as wat julle se! Ek sal glad nie eers probeer om die name te o..
J&M: Wutai Shan Hiking
Wutai Shan, or ‘The 5 Terraced Mountains’, is Buddhism’s sacred northern range and one of the 4 holy Buddhist mountains in China. We are staying in the valley tow..
J&M: Picturesque Pingyao
After spending the night in Ji’nan, we took the 11:00 train and arrived in Shijiazhuang late afternoon. We checked into a little hotel and had an early night in anticipation..
Comment on Beijing Part 2 by Brutus
OH BEAUTIFUL! LOL, love these posing shots and could be a whole topic in itself. have been going through the flickr albums with piclens, you getting some great shots. Hard to beli..
Comment on Titanic Tai Shan by jan
Hi Moeder, Ons is bly Ma kan ook nou bietjie na die fotos kyk met die nuwe ADSL connection. Dit maak 'n groot verskil. Ja, kan nie glo ons het al meer as 1,600 fotos opgesi..
Comment on Titanic Tai Shan by Mamma van PE
Jan en Marizanne, nou eers weer gekyk na julle nuutste fotos,en wou net se dat dat pragtig is!Nou vir die 1ste keer na die fotokalender gekyk.Jong dis darem 'n fantastise blog..
Comment on Titanic Tai Shan by Mamma van PE
Hi julle .dankie vir jou antw Jan. Dis baie goed dat julle kans sien vir die klim. Ek raak sommer kortasem om net daarna te kyk!Dis Vadersdag vandag en ek en my buurvrou het gaan u..
Comment on Zhujiayu by jan
Hi Hanwei! We are so glad you found the website! Yes, I was not on any of the photos, but someone had to hold the camera! We are in Shijiazhuang tonight and will be visiting Z..
Comment on Zhujiayu by hanwei
Hello,my name is hanwei who is the tallest among the four .I have seen the photo .They are very beautiful ?But there is no the photo which we all together taten .It is a pity .Iwi..
Comment on Beijing Part 2 by jan
Hi Brett, We have just uploaded a massive batch of photos and loaded slide-shows in some of the old posts. Here's one we think you'll enjoy especially: <a href=&quo..
J&M: Titanic Tai Shan
Taking a taxi from the Tai’an train station we checked into the Jixiang Hotel, right opposite the Dai Temple in the heart of town. The hotel is modest, to say the least, with..
Comment on Beijing Part 2 by Brutus
sounds lovely and very interesting for photos. dare you to shout "someting wrong" and see who turns around. might help in the photo scrums. glad you chaps having fun. loo..
Comment on Happy Birthdays! by Mamma van PE
Hullo julle! Kanni glo ek het so lanklaas iets geskryf nie. Wow! Alles klink absoluut so great. 'n Mens weet eintlik nie soveel v China nie,en diet moet wonderlik wees om hd ..
J&M: Zhujiayu
Zhujiayu was the main reason for coming to Ji’nan. Not easy to get to, we had to walk about 2km to the long-distance bus station to catch a 1:30 hour bus to Mingshui. From th..
J&M: Leaving Beijing
Our last day in the capital was a fairly relaxed one. We spent the morning wondering through the Lama Temple – our last must-see sight. The grounds consists of one temple bui..
J&M: Happy Birthdays!
Happy birthday to a few family members of the Roos/Conarroe Family! Luca 23rd May, Mom 1st June and Brad 11th June. All our love and best wishes.
Despite everyone in the hostel telling us it is impossible to get to Jinshanling (a less-touristic part of the Wall we wanted to see) without taking a tour bus, we did some researc..
J&M: Beijing Part 2
Day 2 started early-ish at the Beijing Zoo because we specifically wanted to see the Panda’s that were moved from the earthquake Chengdu area to Beijing for the Olympics. Of ..
Comment on Beijing Part 1 by jan
Hi Morne & Leanne, Yes we have covered 23 countries in Europe, ect. in 2 months and are planning on doing 8 countries in the remaining 6 months. That translates into a much ..
Comment on Beijing Part 1 by Morne and Leanne
Hi guys, you are doing very well on your travels. You seem to still have so much time left till you arrive in OZ, are you therefore spending a lot more time on the last leg through..
Comment on 145 Hours by Mamma van PE
Hullo julle 2-tjies. So bly julle is veilig en dat dit nie te bad was nie. Kon my amper nie indink dat veral jy Jan, solank ingehok kan wees nie. Dis ook weer 'n ondervinding ..
J&M: Beijing Part 1
After checking into the Beijing Central Hostel (on the 6th of June) we had a little nap to recover from our jetlag. Even though we had a week on the train to get used to the 4 hou..
Comment on 145 Hours by Brutus
surprised that you didn't introduce her to the blouvlamme... glad you there safely. bring on the amusing stories.
J&M: 145 Hours
145 Long hours on a single train journey accross the biggest country in the world with no shower, one enormous carriage attendant, multiple cabin companions and unlimited boiling w..
Comment on Moscow Act 2 by jan
Morne, Leanne & Ethan, Great news guys! We are so happy for you! We know this is the one you've been waiting for. Best of luck with the orginasation over the next few mon..
J&M: Trans-Siberia
It’s 22:15 and we’re about to leave the hostel for the train station. Our train departs at 23:55 and we’ll be off-line until we hit Beijing on the 6th of June. Pa..
Comment on Time in Tallinn by jan
Hi Kristiina, Yeah, we really enjoyed that club a lot and we were all too happy to smuggle those glasses out for you - hope they are being put to good use! ;) Kristiina, thanks..
Comment on Moscow Act 2 by Morne, Leanne and Ethan
Hey guys, so Moscow, wow you have travelled so far already and still thousands of miles to go. I bet Red Square was amazing, we have alwasy wanted to go there, maybe oneday. Pity a..
Comment on Time in Tallinn by Kristiina
Hei! Tallinn seems really good on phothos! Sorry about this last evening in the Noku club and thanks for the black classes:)) NB! Rean name is Rein. Take care and let us kno..
J&M: Moscow Act 2
Our plans for an early/peaceful night sleep never materialised the first night.. the drunk American and British students in the hostel made sure of that. As we didn’t get a l..
Comment on Mighty Moscow by jan
Hi Moeder - great om te hoor julle kuier so lekker. Die party en die nuwe pelk klink ook asof dit amazing is. Ons verlang baie - kannie wag vir die fotos nie!
Comment on Mighty Moscow by Mamma van PE
Liewe Kinders , so lanklaas met julle gepraat,want Brad se komputor is in konstante gebruik.Hulle het julle sms met Luca se 3de gekry. ,dankie daarvoor. Ons het daardie oggend vroe..
J&M: Mighty Moscow
After a surprisingly comfortable overnight train from St Pete’s we arrived in Moscow at 9:30 this morning. We were in a 4 bed compartment, with a potential snorer, but to our del..
Comment on St Petersburg day 2 by jan
PS: Technical difficulties now out of the way, we're all updated again and the latest <a href="" rel="nofo..
J&M: St Petersburg day 2
We had to check out of the hostel at 11:00 this morning but could leave our luggage there until we leave tonight. Most of the day was spent walking around the parts of town we did ..
J&M: St Petersburg
After just over 1 month we have finally left Eastern Europe behind. It was an amazing experience and we will never forget it. The only regret is that we didn’t have more time..
Comment on HELL-sinki by Brutus
Hi chaps having a great time and am loving the couch surfing twist in the tale of your travels. Jan your travel theme with all the trains is great! keep the photos coming. trave..
J&M: HELL-sinki
The ferry arrived at 10:30 this morning and we chose a hostel very close to the port. To our dissapointment this hostel, together with every single other hostel in town, were fully..
J&M: Time in Tallinn
Our Lux-Bus arrived at just after 16:30 in Tallinn and we had to meet our next couchsurfing friend at a hotel in the centre at 17:30. We found the hotel quite easily and waited f..
J&M: Racing through Riga
The bus left Vilnius at 9:00 this morning and we arrived in Riga at 14:00. Our next couchsurfing host, Camilla, was working until 17:30 so we had to hang around a bit in town. We m..
Comment on 2 days in Warsaw by Morne, Leanne and Ethan
Mmm, well it looks like you may touch on the area of the quake , so I hope that doesn't mean too much of a detour for oyu guys if any. Keep well
J&M: Vilnius visit
The overnight bus from Warsaw arrived in Vilnius at about 9:00. We secured our first couchsurfing host for tonight, Marija, so we went straight to her flat from the bus station. W..
Comment on 2 days in Warsaw by Mamma van PE
Ek was nogal verras toe jy ons aanspreek oor antwoorde. Ek het op die blog geantwoord en ook email gestuur in antw op Marizanne s'n.Sedert ek laas gelees het het julle omtrent..
Comment on 2 days in Warsaw by Branree
5:30am on a Tuesday and the boys both decided that it was time to wake up and play. Anree did the night shift. so it's my turn to drag myself out of bed and do babysitting dut..
Comment on 2 days in Warsaw by jan
Hi Leanne. Wow, this is the first I've heard about the earthquake! News is hard to come by if you only check websites every now and again. Yes - we are planning to go throu..
Comment on 2 days in Warsaw by Morne, Leanne and Ethan
Hey guys, glad that you are both well and on schedual. Morne and I were wondering if any of the earthquake areas in China are on your route there? Will this affect your trip in any..
J&M: 2 days in Warsaw
According to our train schedule book, we were supposed to catch the 16:12 train from Krakow to Warsaw, but at the station we were told that we could take the 15:55 fast train inste..
Comment on Santorini day 3 by sune (AKA Kleinsus)
Hallo julle 2!!! Jis ek is jammer ek laat hoor nou eers van my maar ons internet is op die rotse!! Anesia is al yslik groot, lag al uit die maag, kry tande, rol om en sit al me..
Comment on Bucharest Blockage by Corina
Hello Jan and Marizanne ! You are doing a great job with this website , I spent a lot of time just looking at pictures, or reading your trip diary ! Thank you for the photo ! I..
J&M: Cracking Krakow
Photos of Krakow here. The hostel was fully booked last night, so there was no chance of sleeping in peace this morning.. We made sure we got to the bathrooms early but unfortunate..
Comment on Bucharest Blockage by jan
Wow - dit klink insane! Baie geluk met die job Juan! Wel, dis definitief nie London nie, maar ek dink dis 'n baie goeie geleentheid. Good luck met die besluite, hulle gaan nie..
Comment on Bucharest Blockage by Juan en Marli
Hey daar die traveling Wilburys - Ek moet sê dat ek omtrent elke derde dag jul blog lees en fotos kyk, maar het nog nie op jul blog geskryf nie, so het gedink dat dit omtrent tyd ..
Comment on Brasov by jan
Hi Guys, your new spot sounds great (by the way, check out Brad & Anree's new blog at - would love to see more photos though. The scenery th..
Comment on Bucharest Blockage by jan
Ja Morne, we were laughing straight afterwards - a real dogshow! London sounds great, we can hardly remember it like that. Thanks Moeder for all the news updates :)
J&M: Auschwitz
Auschwitz photos here. It was a surreal experience being in the concentration camp where so much suffering occurred. Auschwitz is a 90 minute train ride from Krakow and as we got c..
Comment on Popping into Poland by Magda J
Hi Julle!!! Ek dink julle moet daaraan dink om deel te neem aan die amazing race ,julle sal geld maak by die dosyne en na hierdie lang trippie sal julle dit dalk verwelkom ook, ek..
Comment on Popping into Poland by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle twee Ons is bly dit gaan nog goed met julle en ons geniet dit om al julle wedervaringe te lees elke dag. Ek maak elke dag 'n printout om dit vir Ma te gee om te le..
J&M: Popping into Poland
We had to bus our way back to Poprad again to catch the train to Krakow (Poland). We had originally planned a route from Poprad to the Polish border but the lady at the train stati..
J&M: Serene Slovakia
Photos of Slovensky Raj here On Tuesday morning we caught the 10:00 train from Bratislava to Poprad in the north of Slovakia. From Poprad local busses run to the countryside villag..
J&M: Tale of 3 Towns
We started the day with breakfast in Budapest (Hungary), took the train at 09:30 and arrived in Bratislava (Slovakia) at 12:15. We only had a few minutes to find a hostel, check in..
J&M: Buda and Pest
Photos of Budapest here Arriving at 19:30 we were immediately targeted by the local “hostel officionados” trying to sell us the best places in town. We got a flyer from..
J&M: Scenic Sighisoara
Photos of Sighisoara here After hearing all about the castles in the area we had to decide on 1 as we only had the morning to spare. So we chose Dracula’s Bran Castle in the ..
Comment on Bucharest Blockage by Mamma van PE
ag shame, man. Dis nou een treinrit wat nie so goed uitgewerk het nie. Maar dis ook sulkes wat die trip interessant maak. Ek sou my koud geskrik het. Vir een of ander rede het ek n..
Comment on Brasov by Branree
Winter snuck up on us last week and so this afternoon we are sitting in the living room watching the storms rolling in off the Atlantic and reading about your exploits in Eastern E..
J&M: Brasov
Photos of Brasov here After our hectic trek yesterday, we decided to take the later train from Bucharest to Brasov at 13:00 (instead of 09:30). We got up at about 9:00 and by the t..
Comment on Bucharest Blockage by Morne, Leanne and Ethan
Hey guys, hectic train ride, but what an experience hey. I bet you can look back now and laugh already. Lekker hot here in London today, 24 degrees and lets hope it stays that way..
J&M: Bucharest Blockage
Best laid plans.. well, we never made it to Brasov yesterday as we had hoped after all. After having breakfast in Velico, we got a short taxi to the train station and were 30mins e..
J&M: Veliko Tar”NO”va
Photos of Velico here The Lonely Planet calls Veliko Tarnova one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.. we beg to differ.. The Hostel Mostel in Sofia made reservations fo..
Comment on Soaked in Sofia by Pa en Ma Deacon
Hi julle Teen hierdie tyd is julle seker al in Velico Ternova. Dit klink of daardie Hostel Mostel 'n hemelse ondervinding was! Hier by ons gaan dit baie goed. Sune-hulle h..
J&M: Soaked in Sofia
Photos of Sofia here We’ve had perhaps the most relaxing day so far on our trip.. and have loved it! We got up mid-morning and, after breakfast, headed into town to start exp..
Comment on Cool Kotor by Lauren Dreyer
Hello! Still readying your Blog as often as I can (during the week daily). Glad its going OK - sounds great!
J&M: Sofia at last
It has been 26 hours since our last post and since that time we have been travelling solidly. We got on the 16:50 bus from Kotor that got us to Bar (still in Montenegro) at 19:30. ..
Comment on Cool Kotor by marizanne
Hi Moeder, so baie dankie vir al die boodskappies! Ja, die Rijka was vrek sterk, maar ek blammeer die snaakse Montenegro keybord vir al die spelfoute en nie die skop nie ;)
Comment on Cool Kotor by Mamma van PE
Eers julle kommemtaar oor Debrovnik gelees en nou hd een .Dit klink wonderlik en lyk daardie rijka het baie skop gehad,sommer klaargespeel met die k van kick en t van chatting!! Te..
Comment on Dubrovnik Detour by Mamma van PE
Liewe Kinders, Dit was sooo lekker om jou sms van Dubrovnik te kry! dit het my hart sommer laat bokspring om te weet julle is daar. Dit was so fantastiese kontras na die watervall..
J&M: Cool Kotor
Our bus from Dubrovnik to Herzig Novi (Montenegro) arrived at 11:00 and we decided to go straight to Kotor. We had about 40 minutes to walk around Herzig Novi (nice town, but not w..
J&M: Dubrovnik Detour
Our plans have yet again changed today when we got to Mostar. We were planning on spending a few hours in Mostar (still Bosnia) and then catching the afternoon bus to Montenegro. B..
J&M: Smashing Sarajevo
Sarajevo is really beautiful! It is a fairly big city, but its central part feels really small and welcoming. The dozens of pedestrianised streets make for a wonderful sightseeing ..
J&M: Swinging past Sarajevo
“Morning coffee in Serbia, lunch in Croatia and dinner in Bosnia.” On route from Skopje to Sofia, we decided to change our plans and go to Belgrade (Serbia) instead. Th..
J&M: Do Gledanje Macedonia
Goodbye Macedonia! After breakfast we went straight to the bank to try and get Jan’s card back, but found that all the banks are still closed today (last day of Easter weeken..
J&M: Hostel Hostel / Skopje
‘Hostel Hostel’ in Skopje is perhaps one of the friendliest and comfortable hostels we’ve stayed at. Thanks guys for the great service, clean rooms and free break..
J&M: Photos
We’ve changed the way in which we display our photos a bit – you’ll see a new link on the left-hand side called ‘Travel Blog Photos’ which will take you to a summary ..
J&M: Skopje day 2
Photos of Skopje here So short into our trip, we had our first real bad luck – Jan’s card was swallowed by the ATM at the bus station. But all is not lost, the guys at ..
J&M: Outing to Ohrid
Photos of Ohrid here After heading straight to Greece from Italy and missing out on Albania and the subsequent trip to Macedonia through Ohrid, we decided that a daytrip from Skopj..
J&M: Kick’n Skopje
Because of the Easter weekend coming up in Greece, the trains were absolutely packed and we could not get a place on any of the ones to Thessaloniki yesterday afternoon. We finally..
J&M: Athens to Thessaloniki
After 3 wonderful days in Santorini, we left the island yesterday afternoon around 3:30pm. The ferry took about 8 hours and we arrived in Athens at 11:45pm. We went straight to the..
J&M: Santorini day 3
Last night we were invited to join a few friends we met in Santorini to have a bottle of wine on the beach. Two of them, Grace (American) and Ian (French Canadian) are staying at o..
J&M: Santorini day 2
After updating the blog yesterday afternoon, we decided to hire a scooter from the internet place (they gave us a good deal for 3 days). We must’ve covered 40km yesterday aft..
J&M: Soothing Santorini
The alarm clock went off at 05:30 this morning and we left the hostel just after 6am to catch the 07:25 ferry to Santorini. It took 7 hours but it was worth the wait – weR..
J&M: Ancient Athens
After a very good night sleep (we had the room all to ourselves) we walked into town in time for the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. From there we follow..
J&M: Stats so far
This is our 24th day of travel. Until now we’ve boarded 23 long haul trains, 7 long haul buses, 3 ferries and countless Metro & undergroud trains, local busses and taxis...
J&M: Filling in the gaps
YahSU from Athens! We arrived in Athens this evening at about 7pm after a 4.5 hour bustrip from Olympia. We found an excellent hostel, Athens International Youth Hostel, with free ..
J&M: Straight to Greece
After a ‘deur-nag’ ferry from Bari, we’ve just arrived in Patras and found this lovely Information Office with free internet – a nice change. With the three..
J&M: Naples no more
Sorry we’ve been quiet for so long, net access is flippen expensive here. After some thought we decided that three days in the Naples area was enough. The weather also have n..
J&M: Naples
We’ve arrived in Naples after a very quick train trip from Rome, only 2.5 hours. We went straight to a hostel, Ostello Mergellina, outside the centre of town and quite a walk..
J&M: Roma day 2 and 3
On day 1 in Rome we did all the main attractions in the city: Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Vittorio Emmanuel II, the Forum and the Colloseum (which was closed unfortuna..
J&M: Arrival in Roma
What was supposed to be 4 train trips, turned into 5 after the second train was delayed yester morning, and we missed our connection in Montpellier.  As a birthday present to Jan,..
J&M: Barcelona day 2
We started the day with a stroll up the La Rambla and on towards some of Gaudi´s well known buildings after which we moved on the Sagrada Famillia and had a quick picnic lunch. By..
J&M: Photos are here!
We’ve finally uploaded some photos and added them to the appropriate posts. To navigate through all the previous posts and see the photos, select a country or city from the dropd..
J&M: Barcelona day 1
We finally arrived in Barcelona at 9am this morning after catching 1 ferry, 2 busses and 3 trains (a total of 34 hrs!!). It wasn’t actually all that bad as we kept ourselves ..
J&M: Fascinating Fez
Our first night apart ended up being not so traumatic after all and it actually enabled us to meet alot of new people. The youth hostel served free breakfast in the garden (pain ou..