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Lisbon : Sights in Lisbon

Saturday, 29th March 2008

After a huge 5-star breakfast at our wonderful (free!) hotel, we headed out to the Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos. This is a massive monastery and cathedral a little outside of the town centre. It is a definate must-see in Lisbon, one of the few..

Weather has been great though and we might have even caugth our first sun-tan!

We are leaving tonight on the 10pm train to Madrid after which it is straight on to the next train to Seville tomorrow morning.

 Loving it so far – not a care in the world!

PS: Adele, unfortunately we have to moderate these comments because we get a lot of spam through. Besides, one can never be too sure how much Whiskey has been consumed prior to some people blogging.. this is a family site after all ;)

PPS: Nilf & Trav, thanks so much for pearls of wisdom – we are not worthy!









Lisbon : Lisbon after 25 hrs

Friday, 28th March 2008

We boarded in Paris at 07:15 and had to change in Irun.  From there we caught the 14:20 train to Madrid, arriving at 21:30.  There we had 1 hour for a quick dinner before catching the overnight train to Lisbon – arriving this morning at 8am.  So after travelling for more than 25 hours, covering 3 countries, we are ready for some rest!

Luckily we are fortunate enough to stay in a 5 star hotel tonight (for free!) thanks to my connections.

We have been walking around town all day but heading back to the hotel to relax now. Unfortunately due to some engineering works on the train lines, we have to head back to Madrid again tomorrow evening (overnight train again) before heading south to Seville.

We will let you know how that went.