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London : 1 day to go..

Tuesday, 25th March 2008

Sadly, this is the last message from our flat in London. The shipping company is busy packing all our stuff at the moment, including the computer. We will be on the train to Paris tomorrow and cannot wait to start this great adventure.

Keep in touch!

jan & marizanne





London : 1 week to go..

Wednesday, 19th March 2008

I cannot believe how quickly this last week has gone! We now only have 1 week left in the UK and it is really quiet sad. By this time next week we will be on our way to the Eurostar Terminal!

I picked up the passports from the Chinese Embassy on Friday, so all our visas are now sorted (hallelujah!). The only other one we need is for Cambodia, but thankfully that can be done online about 1 month prior to our visit.

We have also finished our route through Indonesia with detailed train/bus/boat journeys along the way. After all the routing and plotting, we can now officially confirm that this trip is going to take about 8 months – with an Aus arrival by mid November.

Some interesting options have come up, but we are still investigating an overland route from Indonesia to Australia (watch this space).

Jan finishes work tomorrow and still has a million things to do.

Leaving drinks tonight, so come and join us!

The last few things:
– 3rd and last Encephalitis jab
– Shipping company to pack and collect all our stuff
– One or two more accounts to cancel


London : 2 weeks to go..

Wednesday, 12th March 2008

Another very good week behind us, mind you at this stage every week needs to be.

Spending hours and hours over the weekend we broke the camel’s back in terms of research and route-mapping.

We’ve plotted our route all the way to the end of Malaysia and we’ve only got Indonesia to do. Marizanne has also drawn up a list of accommodation options for every single destination – it’s huge.

Our Vietnam visas are sorted and at the moment the passports are at the Chinese embassy for the last application before we head out. Marizanne has spent hours queuing up in front of embassies and she will officially never visit High Street Kensington again.

2nd Encephalitis jabs are done now too.

Our leaving drinks are next week Wednesday, come and join us!

To do’s for this week:
– Obtain Chinese Visas
– Finalise our route through Indonesia
– Find a surface route from Indo to Oz!
– Close accounts, etc.


London : 3 weeks to go..

Thursday, 6th March 2008

The past week has been quite fruitful and we’ve managed to sort out a lot of little things. We got our Mongolian visas within a day, which was great.

We’ve finished our detailed train route through China and short-listed our destinations in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Marizanne has finished all of the research now having gone though the final countries of South East Asia. Next to do is the train/bus scheduling through all of these countries. She’s also started the final phase of tasks which is to establish accommodation options in every destination – no small task I’ll tell you, but Western & Eastern Europe has already been covered.

Based on how things are looking now, we realise we might be on the road for much longer than 6 months.. [watch this space]

We’ve taken delivery of 4 months worth of Malaria tablets, and have had the first of our Japanese Encephalitis jabs.

I’ve managed to sell my car this weekend and we’re handing it over to the new owner the day before we leave, it will be sad to see the beast go (memory lane..).

We’ve also managed to sell loads of our unwanted stuff like the TV, couch and loads of other bits through the buy/sell/rent website at work. We’re now just about left with the things we’re shipping to Oz and the few bits we’re taking on our trip.

Marizanne is applying for our Vietnam visas as we speak, after that we’ll only have the Chinese visas left.

Todos for this week:

– Obtain Vietnam Visas
– 2nd Encephalitis jab
– Finalise our route through Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia
– Find a surface route from Indo to Oz!
– Push on with route and train schedule planning


London : 4 weeks to go..

Wednesday, 27th February 2008

This week has flown by and we’re been able to wrap up a few things. Marizanne went to collect the Russian visas today and tomorrow we’re applying for our Mongolian visas.

At work things are slowly but surely coming to a head, I handed in my resignation on Friday with my last day being on the 20th of March. Min dae..

We’ve established our detailed route and train schedule though Europe and Russia and we’re about to start scheduling for China. Marizanne has finished with her Malaysian research today and now only has Indonesia to do.

We’ve ordered and received our Rail Europe monthly tickets as well as our first rail trip, which takes us from London to Paris on Wednesday the 26th of March with the Eurostar.

Things to do during the following week:

– Sell our car – déjà vu..
– Finalise out route through Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia
– Obtain Mongolian Visas
– Push on with route and train schedule planning


London : 5 weeks to go..

Wednesday, 20th February 2008

I am back in the land of fog ‘n cold after a fantastic holiday in Aus and SA. During the last 3 days we have been very busy with visas, jabs, train times, planning, etc. After queuing this morning, our Russian Visas are being processed and we should have the passports back within a week. All together we must have spent about 2.5 hours at the GP’s over the last 2 days sorting our travel jabs, malaria tablets and other prescribtions (and we’re still not done!).

Over the coming days I’ll be looking into cancelling all our accounts, memberships, etc as well as giving final notice on many other things.

Jan had a few enquiries about his car and one possitive viewing, so fingers crossed!

Things to do during the following week:
– Sell our car
– Finilise route through China
– Research finalised train schedules through Europe and Russia
– Book Eurorail tickets for Western and Eastern Europe
– Reserve a spot at a car boot sale in our area for all our trash (we expect your support!)
– Establish Malaria vaccination requirements

Watch this space …


London : 6 weeks to go..

Tuesday, 12th February 2008

At the moment M is still in SA having a great time with the family. She’s flying back this Sunday after which the final push really starts. We have a lot of stuff to sort out during the remaining days and weeks, most of which we’ve not been able to do until now.

We’ve plotted our route and calculated the schedule through Western & Eastern Europe, as well as Russia and Mongolia. From China onwards we’ve only done the research, but have yet do sort out our final schedule, so at this stage we’ve not yet got a ballpark arrival date in Oz. Of course we want to keep our options open, so we’re fairly flexible – only being weary of perhaps travelling until early 2010..

Things to do during the following week:
– Find a buyer for our car
– Apply for our Russian visa
– Sort out first series of travel jabs
– Finalise route/schedule through China

Alrighty then..