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Lithuania : Vilnius visit

Tuesday, 20th May 2008

The overnight bus from Warsaw arrived in Vilnius at about 9:00. We secured our first couchsurfing host for tonight, Marija, so we went straight to her flat from the bus station. We didn´t know what to expect, but we were welcomed with open arms!

Marija is living is a brand new flat very close to everything. She prepared a very nice breakfast for us when we arrived and we had time for a quick shower before we headed into town again.

We spent the day wondering the streets of Vilnius´s Old Town. We started the sightseeing at the former KGB Headquarters (now a museum) and found it very interesting – especially the interrogation rooms. From there we visited many churches and ended the day with a nice coffee. At that stage we were so tired (poor Jan did not sleep at all on the bus), so we went back to Marija´s apartment and we prepared dinner for the 3 of us. She got home just before 21:00 and we had a very nice evening together – and even watched Eurovision!

Marija is a very friendly and welcoming Lithuanian girl and we related to her. She made us feel very at home and we were sad to leave after just 1 night. So, our first couchsurfing experience was absolutely amazing – let´s hope the rest are the same! :)

Again Vilnius has surprised us. We had a perfect day weather-wise and the city has beautiful architecture and a lovely Old Town layout. It is a capital with a great buzz and very friendly atmosphere.

The bus to Riga (Latvia) leaves tommorrow morning at 9:00, so it is another early start for us.

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