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Location: Thailand : Bangkok – 1st Pass

The mini-bus dropped us off in a very touristy part of town full of funky bars and restaurants and we managed to find a very nice hotel. It was already after 22:00 at this stage but we still found some travel agencies open and asked around about trips to the island Koh Tao. It was too late to book the bus for the next morning, which meant we had to stay an extra night in Bangkok and will leave very early the following morning to start 12 days of island-style chilling before heading back to the capitol for our flight to South Africa.

We had a lazy day in Bangkok with no sightseeing at all – just eating, drinking a fruit shake or two, updating the blog and some more eating. In the midst of all this excitement we ran into the British couple we met in Siem Reap, Joe and Aysha – hope you had a great time in Krabi!

Our first impression of Bangkok is completely different from anything else in Southeast Asia – while interacting with the people in hotels, restaurants and shops we experienced a lot more of a hard-skinned attitude towards tourists/clients in general. On more than one occasion, without even trying, we managed to seriously upset shop keepers by initiating bargaining and in one case we even had a girl in tears as she was chasing us out of the shop. It seems that this is the reaction due to them having to deal with hard-nosed Westerners constantly. Luckily this is not the norm as we’ve had many pleasant experiences as well.

Bus and boat tickets were booked for Ko Tao and the pickup was at 05:30 on Saturday morning for the departure at 06:00. By 06:00 we’ve already walked back to the office twice and the agents phone the bus company twice, but still no-one arrived. At 06:10 we found out that our booking had been lost and that the bus had been waiting for us in a different location. A representative of the company walked us there (only 500m further!) and we were finally on our way. Arriving in Chumphon (from where boats leave for the islands) there was another mix up with our boat tickets and again we were the last two passengers onboard. It was only an hour and a half Catamaran trip and we finally made it to Ko Tao at 14:30.

As you would’ve guessed by now, we’ve made more alterations to our itinerary and will be spending the next 2 weeks island-hopping in Thailand before going to South Africa, instead of continuing our hectic schedule through Laos. We’ll come back to that after we have recharged our batteries.

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Nilf and Fee Bill Says:

Islandhopping the Kho’sis the best way to prepare for your holiday from a holiday! What a tough life for some.
If you guys make it to Kho Phanang, be sure to stop off at Bovi Supermarket neer Thongsala Pier and ask to stay at Oceanview Resort (owned by the same family). It is away from all the resorts and I’m sure you two wiould love it. They make the best fruit shakes!
Here is a link to it:

Keep up the good work,
Lekker ne!

Morne and Leanne Says:

Hi guys
Just checking out your blog today and see that you are in Kho Tao and then off to Kho Samoi (spelling) We have very fond memories of Kho Tao and scooba diving and stayed in Kho Samoi for a week in the fishing village just off the more private and calm beach of Boput Beach. We stayed in a pub/challets called Eden, really nice and the price was very good too, not sure iof you have already chosen your place to stay or accomodation, but well woth checking out.

Have fun in the fantastic waters

jan Says:

Hi Nilf & Morne,

Thanks for all the tips on places to stay here on the islands! If only we had this kind of guidance up until now our trip would have been a breeze ;)

We’ve literally just arrived on Koh Phangan and we’ve come straight to a smashing little resort in Haat Tian bay (website: The whole bay only has this one resort so it’s super quiet, but there’s a lot going on in the next bays not too far away.

We chose this spot (just around the corner from Oceanview Resort, Neil) because they say the best snorkeling is in this area. We’re in our restaurant at the moment (with wifi) having a quick lunch before getting the masks for a snorkel session.