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Location: Vietnam : Hoi An

Arriving back at the bus office after our motorcycle escapades, we got on the bus and arrived in Hoi An at around 18:00. We headed straight for the An Phu Hotel in the old town, because for a change, we pre-booked 3 hotels in advance through the very helpful staff in Hanoi.

Dropping off our bags in the room, the swimming pool was next on the agenda for a quick cool down followed by a lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant.

The room rate included breakfast and what a fine breakfast it was! After stuffing ourselves, we got on the bus for a day tour to the area’s most stunning sight, the Cham ruins at My Son – 35km southwest of Hoi An. The 7th century ruins are situated in a beautiful, lush valley surrounded by the Hon Quap Mountain (Cat’s Tooth Mountain). There were a few different sites, but our guide spent most of the time concentrating on only the biggest one. In total we could only walk around for an hour and a half, which was a bit disappointing as we would have liked to spend more time exploring all the different areas. On the way back we had a light lunch on a boat and stopped at a village to look at a crafts shop.

The next day we had time to visit Hoi An as the bus was only leaving at 18:00. All the guidebooks bestow great prize upon Hoi An using terms like “living museum”, “enchantment” and “beauty”. Unfortunately this was again either a case of expectations set too high, or us simply having seen too many great and enchanting villages in China, but we found Hoi An to be simply a nice little fishing and market village – not worth more than 1 day’s visit. The streets are packed with tailor shops and if you are interested in having some outfits made within hours, this is the place to be! Marizanne couldn’t let this opportunity pass and had 2 garments tailor made within 3 hours.

The sleeper bus left Hoi An at 18:00 and even though this was our 26th overnight trip, we still struggled to get comfortable. The bunk beds on the bus are too short for regular sized people and the air con are either freezing or not working at all – not to mention the many toilet stops along the way waking everyone up. Needless to say, we did not really get a lot of sleep and arrived in Nha Trang in a rather fragile state.

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Brutus Says:

saw some of Neil’s relatives there. same build….