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Location: China, Yunnan Province : Farewell China

We can’t believe that our wonderful time in China is now finally coming to an end. What’s harder to believe is that we’ve spent almost 50% of our entire trip so far in China. As you know we decided to prolong our stay here shortly after we arrived and we’ve not regretted it for one minute.

It’s been two-&-half months since we arrived on the Trans-Siberian train in Beijing on the 4th of June and we’ve had a journey that has far exceeded our wildest expectations. Out of the 15-odd provinces and municipalities we’ve visited it’s impossible to choose a favourite, there have been unforgettable experiences everywhere we’ve gone.

We’re still planning on getting to Australia some time in January, but we’ve recently added a new twist to our travel tail. We thought that, since we’re taking so much time off to travel, we should spend at least some of it at home with the folks. As such we decided to make a break from full-time travel and we’ll be flying to South Africa for a 6 week period when we get to Bangkok in about 1 month’s time. Yes, we kind-off break our no-flights trend here, but we’ll be returning to Bangkok to continue our trip when we’ve finished in SA.

We’ll be entering Vietnam tonight on an overnight bus to the border and we’re aiming to spend about two weeks there before moving on to Cambodia, Laos and eventually Thailand from where we’ll fly out.

We’re very sad to leave China, but we’ve probably given it a good go. This is an amazing country, with super friendly, humble and welcoming people. We hope to be able to come back one day to get to all the bits we weren’t able to fit in now.

Farewell China!

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Lauren and Charl Says:

Helloo! Glad the travels are still going well. The trip to SA is a good idea! You can take a break from your vacation:) I think you have earned it!

Just to let you know that our scan went well this morning! All the finger and toes are there, heart, kidneys, bladder, brain, spine and limbs look good AND ITS A GIRL!
Very excited! She was moving around and swallowing on the scan, she even gave big yawn (if thats possible). Bought my first baby thing a few days ago…a little baby sling to carry her around in. Will have to start thinking of nursery stuff soon, but will wait until we are in the new house to buy.
Lots of Love
Charl and Lauren

jan Says:

Hi Guys!

That’s great news! Can’t believe it’s going to be a little girl – knowing that really starts to make it real. We’re so glad that everything went well with the scan and that all the fingers & toes are there, loving it!

We’re also very excited about your new house! It’s going to be so awesome to have your own space and somewhere you can nest properly. And we’re looking forward to packing off there when we get to Oz of course! ;)

Thanks so much for the post on the blog – it’s broken a two-plus week drought. Seems all our friends have forgotten about us!

Chat soon