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Location: China, Hainan Province : So long Sanya

The weather was not that great for the last 3 days in Sanya. It was overcast and threatening to rain most of the time, but we still managed to get 2 full days on the beach (as well as a decent sun tan). Apparently a tropical storm hit the South coast of China earlier this week and is only moving Northwards by this weekend.

We discovered the best little dumpling restaurant (that’s if you can call a few plastic tables and chairs outside, a restaurant) just next to our hostel, so needless to say, we had loads of dumplings over the last 3 days – awesome! Yesterday we went to the beach for a few hours and the rest of day was spent relaxing, taking an afternoon nap and watching the Olympics opening ceremony in our room (yes, hostel rooms in China all have TV’s!).

Check-out was at noon today, so we left our bags at the hostel and headed straight for the beach. We found a very nice spot under some palm trees and parked off there for most of the day. Late afternoon we bought drinks at a supermarket and sat in a park watching some of the Olympic gymnastics on a big screen with lots of other locals.

Back at the hostel we managed to take a quick shower and we’re about to go to the train station to get the 23:55 train. This is the first of two 12-hour journeys ahead of us – both on hard sleepers – and we should arrive in Kunming on Monday morning.

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