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Location: China, Hainan Province : Once Around

‘Around the world in 80 days’ has proven to be a tough act to follow, it’s taken us 135 days!

Although we’re still about 360km short of the magical 40,075km mark – equivalent to the circumference of the earth – we thought it would be ok to post this early.

Stats update:

We’ve now traveled 39,717km and visited 25 countries in 135 days. Of that we’ve spent a total of 27 days and 15 hours on some form of transportation and have taken 23 overnight trips. We’ve taken 77 trains, 68 buses and 10 ferries, and have stayed in 31 youth hostels, 19 hotels, 5 guest houses and 4 different private accommodations.

We’ll be spending another 2-odd weeks in China before starting with South East Asia on about the 20th of August when we plan to enter Vietnam.

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