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Location: China, Hainan Province : Sun, sea & Sanya

Luckily we didn’t have to spent too much time in the chaotic waiting hall before we boarded our overnight train at 21:25 in Guangzhou – not too optimistic about the journey ahead. We were pleasantly surprised with a very quiet coach and not even a single snorer. We actually managed to get a good few hours sleep and woke up as the entire train was being loaded onto a ferry for the crossing to Hainan island.

Hainan is a relatively large island in the south of China -roughly the same size as Taiwan. It is well known under rich Chinese travellers as a tropical island get-away. The train pulled into Sanya station at 12:40 on Tuesday afternoon and we decided to take a local bus to the main beach stretch where we wanted to stay. The 2-3 km ride ended up taking more than 35 minutes going all over town and it took us a while to find the hostel (again due to the Lonely Planet’s marvelous maps).

The Blue Sky Youth Hostel comes highly recommended by the Lonely Planet and we got a very nice sea view double room. It was around 15:00 that we went for a walk on the beach and Jan even took a quick dip! The beach was absolutely packed – we saw a few foreigners but the majority were Chinese holidaymakers.

To our surprise Sanya is a major beach holiday destination  for Russian tourists too. We were even more surprised to see around 80% of the shops, restaurants and hotels advertising, and some even writing their names, in Russian. Inspite of this we have still not managed to get rid of our left-over Russian currency – no bank in China will exchange Rubles.

We found a nice and relatively affordable cafe on the beachfront after spending some time looking around. Again we were very surprised to still see loads of people on the beach and in the water as this was already after 19:00 and starting to get dark. As we’ve experience before Chinese people have not inhibitions and seeing families walking around all dressed in matching two-piece Hawaiian safari suits is the norm here. As it is a Chinese culture-thing to have white skin (and the girls go to great lengths to accomplish that), it is very strange to see some of them actually sunbathing.

Today must have been the laziest day of the entire trip so far with us only getting out of our pajamas at 14:00 – and this was only because we had no food with us. The weather was dreadfull with non-stop rain, so we spent the day surfing the net in the comfort of our room on our new computer, after getting the necessary provisions for the rest of the day at the local supermarket.

We are currently contemplating changes to our current itinerary… more news to follow…

PS: Happy birthday Mom! We hope you had a great day on Tuesday!

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