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Location: China, Guangxi Province : Yangshuo Vol 2

After our exhausting cycle day yesterday, we took it very easy on Saturday. We came down for a late breakfast and then spent 3 hours on the internet at the hostel.

Around 14:00 we ventured into town again, but regretted it almost straight away – it was 35 degrees again and we were still a bit fragile after Friday’s near heatstroke experience. We headed into a little airconditioned cafe on the main street where we had a light lunch while surfing the internet for free – a lot of restaurants and bars offer free internet in Yangshuo to try and get business. After a bit of retail therapy we felt strong enough again to bargain for bus tickets to Shenzhen (on the Hong Kong border).

We befriended the owner of a little travel agency in a quiet street, and after the obligatory bit of small talk, he offered us a very good rate for the sleeper bus tickets – a unique Chinese bus with bunk beds instead of seats. Also, we decided to splash a bit and treated ourselves with tickets for hotair balooning.

On Sunday morning the company picked us up at 05:30 and dropped us on a dirt road outside town from where the balooons took of. It wasn’t long before we were in the basket and ready for lift off. As we went higher and higher, the sun started rising and the scenery was just breathtaking. We reached 1000m and you could see karst hills streching as far as the eye can see – absolutely amazing. For a first time experience, we definately chose one of the most beautiful spots in the world to go hotair balooning!

There was not alot of wind but we still managed to drift away and landed on the other side of the mountain from where we took off. We had to wait for the help team to come and assist with moving the baloon to safer grounds and then we had to venture back to the road. As we landed in some field, this meant we had to climb under fences and walk through the river to a nearby little school building from where we were picked up again and brought back to town.

Back at the hostel we had a very nice breakfast (actually included in our room rate – very unusual in China) and then went back to bed for a few hours. At around 14:00 we hired a scooter in town and went exploring – this time in much more comfort (and a softer seat) than the bicycles. We rode for about 20km north of Yangshuo and stopped at a very small village, Yangdi, on the river. After a tough 15 minutes bartering, we managed to get a good price for a bamboo rafting ride downstream to the next town, Xingping – scooter and all! From Xingping we had to really go full throttle to make it back to Yangshuo to return the scooter before 19:00.

We ended a beautiful day with some local delicasies (but still no dog or snake meat) on the balcony of a little cafe on the main street.

Monday is our last day in this blissfull part of the country before we take the bus to Shenzhen at 21:00.

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Pa en Ma Deacon Says:

Hi julle twee
Marizanne, dankie vir jou e-mail. Ek kan net dink dat julle dit baie geniet het daar in Mission Hills – veral jy Jan!!! Teen hierdie tyd is julle seker al in Hong Kong.
Hier by ons gaan dit baie goed. Mamma gaan Saterdag vir Ouma Bettie haal en dan vat ons haar Sondag na Boetie se kerkie op die plot. Daarna gaan hy haar sommer terug neem Dewetsdorp toe.
Ja, ek sal laat weet as ek Skype by Sune-hulle installeer het. Ek weet net nie wanneer dit gaan gebeur nie. Werner het gese dat hulle sommer na ons toe sal kom met sy laptop en dan moet ek dit daarop sit.
Dit was so lekker om weer met julle te kon praat Sondag.
Julle moet Hong Kong baie geniet en pas julle baie mooi op!
Baie liefde
Ons twee