Zhengzhou - 3rd July 2008 @ 5:29 am «   »

Location: China, Henan Province : Zhengzhou

Our plans to go directly to Shanghai from Song Shan didn’t quite materialise. We had to get a bus to Zhengzhou and from there a fast train to Shanghai, but when we tried to buy train tickets in Zhenghzhou¬†we were told that everything for that day had been sold out. This meant we had to overnight in Zhengzhou and catch the 08:23 fast train to Shanghai the next morning.

We found a hotel opposite the train station, did a bit of walking around and then had a quiet dinner in our hotel restaurant.

Thursday morning we were at the train station at 08:00 and were pleasantly surprised with the train. We had reservations for soft seats and the ticket price was well worth it (an absolute fortune!) – the seats were very comfortable with loads of leg room, the people on the train was actually quiet and we even got a free bottle of water! We did the 1000km journey in 7 painless hours.

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