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Location: China, Henan Province : Soaked Song Shan

After another 3 bus journeys we finally made it to the next sacred Taoist mountain, Song Shan – most famous for the Shaolin Monastery as it is believed that Gongfu (or Kungfu to the Westerners) was created here by the monks.

We arrived in Dengfeng, the village at the foot of the mountain, around 16:00 Sunday afternoon and took a taxi to a hotel we found in the ever faithful Lonely Planet.

We were tired after another full day of bus travelling, so after chilling out for a bit, we went to find something to eat. This turned out to be impossible as there are no proper restaurants in town – only very dodgy looking little canteens which we don’t feel quiet strong enough for yet.. In the end we discovered a Dico’s (very similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken) and decided to go for the fast food option.

On Monday we felt the need for a lazy, doing-nothing day before tackling the mountain the next morning. After breakfast at 13:00 we went for a stroll and spent 2 hours in an internet cafe. Then went back for an afternoon nap before going to good old Dico’s again for dinner.

Tuesday morning was supposed to be us and the holy mountain, but when the alarm clock went off at 06:30 it was pouring down outside. We had hoped to do the 15km trek up the mountain and even took a taxi to the starting point. But halfway there we had to turn around as the weather was just getting worse. Very dissapointed we went back to the hotel but in the end enjoyed another relaxing day with no sightseeing at all. It is now our 3rd day in a row without taking a single photo, but we think the break is doing us, and our readers, a lot of good.

This has now put an end to our quest to conquer the sacred 5 Taoist and 4 Buddhist mountains in China, but we are still determined to give the remaing ones a run for their money.

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