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Location: Beijing Municipality, China : Leaving Beijing

Our last day in the capital was a fairly relaxed one. We spent the morning wondering through the Lama Temple Рour last must-see sight. The grounds consists of one temple building after the other culminating in the main temple (Wanfu Pavilion) which contains a huge 18m tall Maitreja Buddha statue carved from a single sandalwood trunk.

We had a few more to-do’s, but decided to take a rest at the hostel over lunch-time before meeting up with Michiel for a late afternoon coffee in the CBD. Michiel is one of Brad & Anree’s best friends currently living in Beijing. We met in a Starbucks, close to the World Trade Centre, in an area littered with Coffee shops, and paid more for one latte than we normally pay for a whole meal in China!

Wednesday morning the train for Tianjin was booked for 11:15 and we planned to stay there for one night only. Upon arrival we found out that there were no onward tickets available to our next stop Ji’nan for the following day. Luckily we found a very friendly guy who could translate the ticket officer’s gibberish and had to make a last minute decision to leave on the very next train to Ji’nan. We sacrificed Tianjin, but there wasn’t a lot to see anyway.

Arriving in Ji’nan we walked straight to the closest Hotel according to the Lonely Planet. By now Marizanne has become fluent in Chinese sign-language and manages to communicate fairly well with the locals. We checked in and had a quiet evening.

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