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Location: Beijing Municipality, China : Beijing Part 1

After checking into the Beijing Central Hostel (on the 6th of June) we had a little nap to recover from our jetlag. Even though we had a week on the train to get used to the 4 hour time difference between Moscow and Beijing, we’ve still found it hard to adjust.

We went straight to the Forbidden City and walked around there for about 2 hours. The place is absolutely huge (as we soon found out most things in Bejing are) and amazingly decorated. You can spend hours or even days exploring the whole thing but we chose a few specific areas to concentrate on. Definately a must-see!

Afterwards we strolled through Wangfujing Snack Street and were amazed at all the different things they eat around here – you can buy anything from strawberries to chicken hearts, seahorses and scorpions on kebab sticks! Needless to say, we chose a safe restaurant for dinner.

It must be said that the air polution is worse than we ever expected. It seems like a constant mist or fog is hanging over the city – so bad that you cannot see buildings about 1km away! It causes all the photos to appear washed out and bland.

We have a long list of to-do’s for the coming days. Loving Beijing so far!

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2 Responses to “Beijing Part 1”  
Morne and Leanne Says:

Hi guys, you are doing very well on your travels. You seem to still have so much time left till you arrive in OZ, are you therefore spending a lot more time on the last leg through the far east? Been thinking alot about you guys this weekend and praying for your safety. Take care.

jan Says:

Hi Morne & Leanne,

Yes we have covered 23 countries in Europe, ect. in 2 months and are planning on doing 8 countries in the remaining 6 months. That translates into a much less hectic schedule, with plenty of time lazing on beaches, snorkeling and sipping Mochito’s and other delights.

Thanks for thinking about us and keeping us in your prayers – we can really say that it has made a big difference. We are so blessed on this trip.