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Location: Estonia : Time in Tallinn

Our Lux-Bus arrived at just after 16:30 in Tallinn and we had to meet our next couchsurfing friend at a hotel in the centre at 17:30. We found the hotel quite easily and waited for Kristiina to pick us up. It was great because she drives a Toyota Rav and we felt like royalty driving in a car again.

She took us home to quickly drop our bags and then we got straight back into the car and went for a drive outside town. We visited a little waterfall and some of the nearby beaches – it was a wonderful change to be outside of the city again. We then stopped for dinner at a tiny little restaurant in the countryside and had a lovely dinner.

The next morning Kristiina had to go to work, but we slept in a bit and then had time to do some washing. We then headed into town and finally picked up Jan´s credit card that was posted to someone we knew at one of the hotels in town. Thanks again Neil for arranging all of this!

Tallinn is a really beautiful city, especially the Old Town. It is one of the most impressive and well preserved medieval city walls we´ve come across. There are loads of churches and quaint little cobbled streets.

After work, we met up with Kristiina and went for a quick bite with some of her friends – Uku and Rein. Afterwards they took us to what looked like just an apartment entrance in the middle of the Old Town. But when we got upstairs, it turned out to be a cool exclusive members club. One drink turned into many and we only got home after 2:00! Needless to say we were dead this morning when the alarm went off at 05:50..

The Helsinki ferry left Tallinn at 08:00 and we got a special deal that included breakfast. We expected only a cup of coffee and a breadroll, but to our surprise it was an enormous buffet and the food was out of this world! Definately one of the best breakfast buffets we have ever had. The best part was, that instead of paying 265 Estonian Kroon, we ended up only paying 200 each on this deal!

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2 Responses to “Time in Tallinn”  
Kristiina Says:

Tallinn seems really good on phothos!
Sorry about this last evening in the Noku club and thanks for the black classes:))
NB! Rean name is Rein.

Take care and let us know how you doing!

jan Says:

Hi Kristiina,

Yeah, we really enjoyed that club a lot and we were all too happy to smuggle those glasses out for you – hope they are being put to good use! ;)
Kristiina, thanks again for your amazing hospitality and for showing us around town and down the coastline. We had a great time with you and it made our stay in Tallinn so much more enjoyable!

Oops – sorry Rein! I’ve corrected the spelling above now :)

Chat soon