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Location: Finland : HELL-sinki

The ferry arrived at 10:30 this morning and we chose a hostel very close to the port. To our dissapointment this hostel, together with every single other hostel in town, were fully booked for the night (hence the title of our post..)

We tried a hotel-booking agency at the train station, but not even they could find anything within our budget. In the end we just bought train tickets to St Petersburg and are leaving Helsinki at 15:23.

We are very dissapointed because we have heard many good things about Helsinki and it seems great. However it was never a major destination for us – just a quick 1-night-stop before heading into Russia.

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Brutus Says:

Hi chaps
having a great time and am loving the couch surfing twist in the tale of your travels.
Jan your travel theme with all the trains is great! keep the photos coming.
travel safe