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Location: Romania : Scenic Sighisoara

Photos of Sighisoara here

After hearing all about the castles in the area we had to decide on 1 as we only had the morning to spare. So we chose Dracula’s Bran Castle in the little town Bran, about 40 minutes from Brasov. We caught a local bus to Bran but on the way it started raining and was freezing cold.

It only took about 10 minutes to walk around the castle and we soon realise that the guide book was correct in saying this is the fake Dracula Castle and not all it’s cracked up to be. Needless to say we caught the next bus back to Brasov.

We had to hang around for a while at the Hostel where we stored our luggage and then headed for the train station to catch the 16:05 train to Sighisoara – Dracula’s birthplace.

It was a beautiful 2 hour train trip through the mountains and forests and our hostel was only 200 metres from the station. We decided to have a lazy evening, made dinner at the hostel, Nathan’s Villas, and went to bed early.

Next morning we walked up the hill to the Citadel (Old Town) to explore the Millennium-old houses and buildings. We walked past the house where Dracula allegedly grew up but decided not to go in as it is now a restaurant that over charges for under-par food (so we’ve been told by the locals). There is a very pretty covered walkway that leeds you right to the top of the hill with great views.

Sighisoara is a beautiful little town and we were really glad we made this stop-over.

We only had the morning to spend in town and got the 11:10 train to Budapest, arriving at 19:30.

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