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Location: Romania : Brasov

Photos of Brasov here

After our hectic trek yesterday, we decided to take the later train from Bucharest to Brasov at 13:00 (instead of 09:30). We got up at about 9:00 and by the time we finished breakfast and updated our blog at the hostel, it was 12:00 and time to walk to the station.

The trip to Brasov was about 2 hours and 40 minutes and we arrived at 15:40. We found the hostel easily, checked in and went straight into the Old Town. There is not that much to see, but Brasov is a very nice little Medieval town in the mountains.

We decided to splash a bit and treated ourselves with a proper dinner (which generally means anything but bread) and had some traditional Romanian dishes at a local restaurant on the main square – very nice indeed.

Having an early night before we head to Sighisoara tomorrow.

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Branree Says:

Winter snuck up on us last week and so this afternoon we are sitting in the living room watching the storms rolling in off the Atlantic and reading about your exploits in Eastern Europe.

Not sure if you’ve read “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova, but about one-third of the book takes place in Romania. The characters cross the Danube and travel through the foothills and medieval towns of Walachia before venturing up the steep slopes of the Carpathians through dense forests and gorges into the wilds of Transylvania. Her descriptions of the castles, abbeys, villages and their inhabitants give the impression that the Grimms Brothers must have used these places as inspiration for their fairy tales.

Watch out for vampires and werewolves… apparently they are as common there as dassies and bobbejane are here in the Cape. Might be worth tucking a few cloves of garlic into your backpacks just in case ;-)

Other than some lounge loafing in front of the fireplace with noses stuck in books, this afternoon we’ve got a kiddies’ birthday party and this evening the Stormers are taking on the NSW Waratahs to see who will go through to the Super 14 semi-finals. Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day and that is going to be a pretty big event around here. All around a good winter weekend.

Lotsa love to you guys and good luck navigating your way through the land of Dracula. We’ll be thinking of you.

jan Says:

Hi Guys, your new spot sounds great (by the way, check out Brad & Anree’s new blog at – would love to see more photos though.
The scenery through the hill country of Transylvania really was beautiful, both of the little towns we stayed at were right on the edge of forests. We didn’t see any werewolves though.. luckily!
Thanks for all the updates :)