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Location: Bulgaria : Veliko Tar”NO”va

Photos of Velico here

The Lonely Planet calls Veliko Tarnova one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.. we beg to differ..

The Hostel Mostel in Sofia made reservations for us at their sister property in Veliko and they were actually waiting for us at the train station yesterday afternoon – 5 star service we’re not used to! It was about 16:00 when we started walking around the streets (well, there is only 1 main street) and went up to the Fortress on the hill.

The whole time we were waiting for our impression of Veliko to improve, according to our expectations, but it never happened. Veliko Tarnova is a nice enough town, but it does not impress in any way and in hindsight is definately not worthy of a 1 night stop-over. This is all very strange because plenty of people have previously told us about Veliko being so lovely and the guidebooks absolutely rave about it. At least we are not the only ones thinking like this – everyone in our room last night felt the same way.

Again, Hostel Mostel was great – it is an old house (built in the 1800’s) newly renovated and the people are very friendly and helpful and we got another free dinner last night.

We were planning on staying in Bucharest tonight, but have decided to try and go straight through to Brasov and skip the apparently unattractive and boring capital of Romania (this is actually according to other travellers and not the Lonely Planet). Let’s hope the train connections all work out.

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