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Location: Bulgaria : Soaked in Sofia

Photos of Sofia here

We’ve had perhaps the most relaxing day so far on our trip.. and have loved it!

We got up mid-morning and, after breakfast, headed into town to start exploring. The first stop was the Lady’s Market just up the road from us. It’s a street market with loads of clothes, food and odds & ends. Everywhere so far we’ve been looking for a really small hotplate and/or a boiling element to boil water in a cup. We finally found exactly what we’ve been looking for at this market and bought both today. Now we can finally enjoy a cup of tea and even cook some pasta whenever we want.

We also bought a whole lot of fruit and veg for dinner tonight and had to come back to the hostel to drop everything off. Just as we stepped inside it started pouring down and kept going until late afternoon. We ended up chilling in front of the hostel’s plasma screen (!!) watching movies and spending some time uploading photos (see the latest additions to the Eastern European section).

At about 18:00 we decided to take another shot at sightseeing and did about 1 hour round trip of the town before the rain started coming down again. But luckily when we got back we were just in time for dinner and a beer (included in the price). This is definately one of the best hostels we’ve stayed at (Hostel Mostel).

Planning on catching the 9:50 train to Velico Ternova tomorrow morning – we just hope the weather is a bit better then.

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Pa en Ma Deacon Says:

Hi julle

Teen hierdie tyd is julle seker al in Velico Ternova. Dit klink of daardie Hostel Mostel ‘n hemelse ondervinding was! Hier by ons gaan dit baie goed. Sune-hulle het gister toe teruggekom van die see af, maar ons het nog nie regtig met hulle gesels nie.
Nou ja, geniet julleself verder en pas julle baie mooi op.
Baie liefde
Ons twee