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Location: Bulgaria, Montenegro : Sofia at last

It has been 26 hours since our last post and since that time we have been travelling solidly.

We got on the 16:50 bus from Kotor that got us to Bar (still in Montenegro) at 19:30. We had time for dinner at a nice little restaurant opposite the train station in Bar before we boarded the overnight train back to Belgrade; this time we had beds on the train (3 bunk beds on each side of the compartment).

The train was 2 hours late and we only got to Belgrade at 8am. Our next train left Belgrade at 08:40 to Sofia (10 hour trip!). At one stage we shared the compartment with 2 very strange old ladies smuggling cigarettes across the Bulgarian border (hiding the cartons everywhere – from a specially made jacket with hidden pockets to socks and underwear!). The one even bribed the controller because she didn’t have a ticket for the train. It was very obviously not their first time doing it and all this made for a very interesting trip into Bulgaria.

We found a very nice hostel, Hostel Mostel (no, that is the real name) and we even got some free pasta and a beer when we arrived. At this stage we are planning on staying 2 nights in Sofia and then heading to Veliko Tarnovo, but it all depends on how exciting the city turns out to be tomorrow.

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