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Location: Montenegro : Cool Kotor

Our bus from Dubrovnik to Herzig Novi (Montenegro) arrived at 11:00 and we decided to go straight to Kotor. We had about 40 minutes to walk around Herzig Novi (nice town, but not worth an overnight) and then caught the bus further.

Once in Kotor it seemed quiet difficult to find cheap accommodation but in the end we found a single room (yes, only a single bed!) in a private appartment right in the heart of the Old Town. We shared the appartment with a very friendly Serbian couple, Bojan and Ivana, who now live in Montenegro.

Kotor is a beautiful coastal town at the bottom of a huge fjord – the setting is spectacular. We climbed up the mountain to the fortress yesterday afternoon and got some great photos of the valley and mountains. Afterwards we walked through the Old Town and had a pizza in one of the little squares. Kotor is really something special and definately worth a visit!

After dinner we went back to the room at 21:30 and Bojan and Ivana invited us for a glass of wine on the terrace. They introduced us to “Rijka” a homemade, distilled apperitif – with a hell of a cick! We ended up chating until 01:30 and had a great time, finishing off with a very strong “domestic” coffee brew.

This morning we visited Budva, another coastal town, but a bit more commercialised. We had our packed lunch on the beach and took the 14:00 bus back to Kotor. On the way back we decided not to stay another night in Kotor, but to go to Bar and catch the overnight train back to Belgrade. From there we will catch the train tomorrow morning to Sofia, Bulgaria, and then resume our original planned schedule. Hopefully all of this works out.

Bojan advised us against taking a route through Kosovo, so we will take the long way via Belgrade again.




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Mamma van PE Says:

Eers julle kommemtaar oor Debrovnik gelees en nou hd een .Dit klink wonderlik en lyk daardie rijka het baie skop gehad,sommer klaargespeel met die k van kick en t van chatting!! Terg sommer! Dis so oulik dat julle oral vriende kan maak.
Lees my ander bydrae. xxxx

marizanne Says:

Hi Moeder, so baie dankie vir al die boodskappies! Ja, die Rijka was vrek sterk, maar ek blammeer die snaakse Montenegro keybord vir al die spelfoute en nie die skop nie ;)

Lauren Dreyer Says:

Hello! Still readying your Blog as often as I can (during the week daily). Glad its going OK – sounds great!

Bojan i Ivana Says:

Hey you what you are doing

we are stil in the Kotor and we miss you


Bojan i Ivana from Kotor FROM SRBIJA : ))))))))))))))))))

marizanne Says:

Hi Bojan & Ivana,
It is so nice to hear from you! We are currently visiting South Africa and are moving to Australia next month. Please keep in touch and come visit us in Perth! Jan & Marizanne

Morne and Leanne Says:

Hey guys, where are you, we have been checking your blog, but looks like you have given up on thelast leg of the trip down to Perth and are now gonna fly??
Anyway hope that you are both well.

jan Says:

Hi Guys,

We know that we are way overdue on replying to your post and on updating the website in general – we can only apologise for that.

In short, we took a lot of time out from the traveling in order to spend some at home in SA with our families, but after the planned 6 week break we decided to extend it to 10 weeks. We forfeited our return tickets to Thailand and booked flights direct to Perth.

We’re glad we spent the extra time in SA because it really was worth it, but sad that we cut our big trip short. We’ve vowed to return to Thailand some day and complete our overland journey to Australia.

Watch this space..

bojan ivana kotor Says:

hey where are you going to work on the cruiser next month.ivana sey “hi” we houpe we well se in Serbia next time