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Location: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia : Swinging past Sarajevo

“Morning coffee in Serbia, lunch in Croatia and dinner in Bosnia.”

On route from Skopje to Sofia, we decided to change our plans and go to Belgrade (Serbia) instead. This meant we simply had to stay on the train we boarded in Skopje and arrived in Belgrade at 6:30 this morning. We had 3 hours to get to know Belgrade a little bit before we had to board the 10:45 2nd train to a very small town in Croatia.

We were pleasantly surprised with Belgrade and had a great time walking around the padestrianised streets and having coffee on the main square. In the end we were sad we only had a few hours there, but it was never on our itinerary. It is a great city and we would definately recommend staying at least one night.

The 2nd leg of the journey was delayed with 30 minutes which meant that we only just made the final connection in Croatia on route to Sarajevo (Bosnia). It was the smallest train we have ever taken consisting of only the locamotive and a single carriage.

Arriving in Sarajevo at 21:00 we were met by a representative of a local hostel agency. They are listed in the Lonely Planet so we decided to take the free transfer into town where they offered us a double room in a private residence. We are staying in a nice, clean room in an old Lady’s apartment.

We got a free beer on the first night and at the moment we’re enjoying two room-temperature Sarajevsko Pivo’s! Our first impressions of the city are very good and after travelling for more than a day we’re looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

This U-turn into Serbia, Croatia and now Bosnia Hercegovina is part of a detour that will eventually also take us through Montenegro before returning to our original route through Sofia. A few more countries and sights for not a lot more effort..

We love Eastern Europe – the cities are great, the people are very friendly and everything is much cheaper!

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