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Location: Macedonia : Do Gledanje Macedonia

Goodbye Macedonia!

After breakfast we went straight to the bank to try and get Jan’s card back, but found that all the banks are still closed today (last day of Easter weekend). To get the card back, would mean another day in Skopje and we have already stayed an extra day. We’ve decided to cut our losses and canceled the card.

We had to hang around and chill for the whole day while waiting for our train tonight – one thing we have really learned to do very well over the last month! But at least we had another “home cooked” meal at the hostel – quite a luxury at this stage for us.

The train leaves Skopje (Macedonia) at 20:00 and we get to Nis (Serbia) at 01:00. We then have 1 hour before the next train leaves at 02:00 and will arrive in Sofia (Bulgaria) at 07:00. We got some very good recommendations for Youth Hostels in Sofia from the guys here in Skopje, so we will make sure we find a nice spot to relax after our overnight journey.

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