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Location: Macedonia : Outing to Ohrid

Photos of Ohrid here

After heading straight to Greece from Italy and missing out on Albania and the subsequent trip to Macedonia through Ohrid, we decided that a daytrip from Skopje is worthwhile as it is the highlight of Macedonia.

Our bus left at 10:00 for Ohrid and we got up at 8:00 to get ready and enjoy our free breakfast at the hostel, but realised just before we left that we were still on Greek time and had another hour to relax. But first we woke up the poor hostel manager to make us breakfast and it was only after he told us that we realised our mistake.

The bus was supposed to take 3 hours, but with all the many stops to pick up locals along the way, it was closer to 4 hours. Ohrid is truely the jewel of Macedonia and a beautiful little town. Both the town and the lake (of the same name) are Unesco World Heritage sites and they have gone to great lenghts to protect and preserve some of the sites dating back to the 3rd Century BC.

We met two very nice and interesting Austrians on the bus, Jetmir (a freelance journalist at the Cannes film festival – check out his website at www.uncut.at) and Birgit, and they even bought us our first Macedonian coffee – thank you guys!

We didn’t have that much time as the bus left Ohrid again at 17:45 and there were plenty of small sites to enjoy. It was definately worth the visit, but unfortunately we were unlucky again with the weather as it was another overcast and windy day.

Tomorrow we are exploring Skopje and will report back before we board another overnight train through Serbia (Nis) to Sofia in Bulgaria – joy!

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