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Location: Greece : Santorini day 3

Last night we were invited to join a few friends we met in Santorini to have a bottle of wine on the beach. Two of them, Grace (American) and Ian (French Canadian) are staying at our guest house and Monica (Mexican) joined us. We only started at 11pm and got to bed at 1:30am! It was great fun though and later one of the chefs from a little restaurant on the beach joined us too. Monica, we hope your head is okay this morning after the fall.

This morning we had another late start and after we dropped off our laundry at the local shop, we headed up the mountain for a view from the monastery. The church was closed and the view was great, but unfortunately the weather was a bit hazy.

After that we went to explore the capital of Santorini, Fira, and walked around the cobbled streets. The town is beautiful, but it was extremely windy – we couldn’t even put the backpack down as it would just blow away.

We started to become used to our siestas in the afternoon and today was no exception. We’re planning on posting a few photos tonight if we have time, but we’ll let you know.

Thanks for all the messages today, it is really great!

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Branree Says:

Yallllooooooooooha!! Sounds smashin darlingks! So happy you’re taking some time to enjoy the beautifulness+peacefulness of island-life…and luvin the bottle of wine on the beach scene – lekke! Looking forward to seeing your phodies.. We are, once again, sitting on our stoep having a braai and a glass of red wine, listening to the waves breaking and enjoying a beautiful autumn evening… Boys are both in bed, sharing a room (not to get lonely – as Luca puts it :) – they’re growing sooo much so quickly…! Nikolai got his first tooth today!! And had his first solid food (rice cereal) – totally loves it!
Erma got married this weekend – so we had an amazing wedding on Saturday in Blouberg.

A little update from SA as follows:
– 2 SA teams in the top 4 of the Super 14
– Bafana Bafana’s R 110 million / yr coach just quit
– Load shedding continues, but no one really cares anymore
– It will be 30C and sunny tomorrow in Cape Town
– The Zimbabwean national cricket team has started playing in the SA domestic league in preparation for Zim becoming our 10th province
– Killer ladybirds are invading the Cape
– Housing prices have finally started to drop

marizanne Says:

Hi Brad & Anree,

Thanks for all the updates. We don’t get a chance to check the news very often, so it’s great.
Glad to hear it is going well with the boys and the new house.
Lots of love

Mamma van PE Says:

Hullo julle twee, Groot fout met my computer, so terwyl ek op die oomblik kan, net gou liefde stuur en hene! ek mis julle asof julle altyd in SA was!Lekker om darem nou julle goedjies te lees van so week terug! Die fotos is tog te pragtig. Dis seker ‘n verligting om nie Mamma daar te he wat die heeltyd dit en dan dat en van hd hoek ,van ons en kry MY ook in die foto!lyk my jy kom reg so sonder my.! Lekker om ook van die ander te lees. Liana en Rick doop hulle seuntjie,wat vandag 1jr oud is ,daar by Ilona-hulle. Ek het nounet gebel en met hulle almal gepraat,Oom Mannetjie is ook daar.Karin en VIc is by Viccie in die kaap,seker om te groet ,want hulle emmigreer vlg week NZ toe!Foeitog,t Selma gaan baie swaar kry. Liefdetjies Mamma (PE)

Pa en Ma Deacon Says:

Hi julle

Sus, ek het nou net jou ander e-mail gekry. Nee, ek het nog nie Skype installeer nie – het nog nie kans daarvoor gehad nie. Ek sal kyk wat ek kan doen hierdie langnaweek. Sal julle laat weet.
Laat dit met julle baie goed gaan.
Baie liefde
Ons twee

Pa & Ma Deacon Says:

Hi julle twee
Dit gaan baie goed met ons. Ons geniet die laaaang naweek baie. Net jammer dit moet alweer einde kry.
Ek het toe Skype installeer en my Account is: benjedeacon
Ek weet nog nie mooi hoe dit werk nie, maar as julle reg is met Skype, dan moet julle seker my laat weet wat julle Account is en dan moet ons seker ‘n tyd afspreek wanneer ons gaan Skype
Laat weet maar en geniet julle self verder.
Baie liefde
Ons twee

sune (AKA Kleinsus) Says:

Hallo julle 2!!!

Jis ek is jammer ek laat hoor nou eers van my maar ons internet is op die rotse!! Anesia is al yslik groot, lag al uit die maag, kry tande, rol om en sit al met support. Werner in die kaap vir n maand, maar kom darem naweke huistoe. Mis julle vrek baie. Luv u.