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Location: Greece : Soothing Santorini

The alarm clock went off at 05:30 this morning and we left the hostel just after 6am to catch the 07:25 ferry to Santorini. It took 7 hours but it was worth the wait – we’ve just arrived and it is absolute bliss..

We met a man at the port from one of the hostel in Perissa beach and he offered us a private room at 7 EUR each. When we got to the area, it turns out the hostel is closed for refurbishment and he offered us a room in his guest house. It is way better than any hostel we’ve ever had – even with a swimmingpool!

At this stage we have booked for 3 nights, but we’re considering staying longer. Santorini is beautiful (the parts we saw from the ferry) and we are looking forward exploring the little island further.

We’ll see if we can rent a scooter so that we can get around a bit easier. The weather is great and we are off to the beach now.

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2 Responses to “Soothing Santorini”  
Kim and Craig Says:

Santorini sounds wonderful! I laughed when I read your account of Naples as we thought the same – tahnkfully we only spent about 6 hours wondering around waiting for our flight. Enjoy your stay in Santorini and of course have a p** in the sea!
Today was the first day in ages that the sun was shining on the weekend so it was glorious to be outside.
Miss you guys lots.

jan Says:

P** in the sea?? It that the thing to do in Santorini?