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Location: Greece : Ancient Athens

After a very good night sleep (we had the room all to ourselves) we walked into town in time for the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. From there we followed the walking route specified by the Lonely Planet, which took us through many old and interesting parts of town – particularly Plaka.

We bought combined tickets for the Acropolis including access to a few other sites and museums. The Acropolis and Temples are quite spectacular and the weather played along too. We had a very nice, warm and sunny day, which made the whole day so much more enjoyable.

As luck would have it, we walked passed the ferry reservation offices in town and managed to pre-book our tickets for tomorrow morning. We were lucky to get a discount with our Interail tickets, which helped a lot. The ferry leaves Pireaus (just outside Athens) at 07:25 and arrives in Santorini at 15:00.

Another Australian couple just checked into our room at the hostel, but they seem very nice. We are about to upload some more photos and will then grab a quick bite to eat.

Hope to make contact again from Santorini.

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