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Location: Greece : Straight to Greece

After a ‘deur-nag’ ferry from Bari, we’ve just arrived in Patras and found this lovely Information Office with free internet – a nice change.

With the three days that we’ve ‘won’ by skipping Albania & Macedonia we’ve decided to spend some time in the Peloponese area. We’ve just bought bus tickets to Olympia where we’ll stay over tonight and see the sights. Tomorrow we’ll probably move on towards Nefplio if we can get thereĀ – supposedly the prettiest town in Greece.

We’re not sure about these places as they are off our planning and Marizanne obviously didn’t do any research on it. We’ll, I guess we can do it like normal backpackers for a few days.

So far the weather looks much better than what we had in Italy – fingers crossed!

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