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Location: Italy : Naples no more

Sorry we’ve been quiet for so long, net access is flippen expensive here. After some thought we decided that three days in the Naples area was enough. The weather also have not been playing along.

Yesterday we took a ferry over to Capri, but unfortunately we chose the worst day weather wise. The wind was near gale at times with scattered showers. We braved walking around on the island streets and also a bit our of town to some of the older buildings. After getting soaked once we decided that was it and had some pizza while waiting for the ferry back.

We took the 8:55 Train from Naples this morning to Bari and it’s here that our plans have started to change. We were suppose to get the ferry tonight from here (Bari) to Durres in Albania. Only there is no discount with our rail passes and they are chanrging 120 euros for the one way trip! We found out that a longer trip all the way to Greece is covered by our passes and we only pay a small supplement.

So we’ve decided to make the first big deviation from our plans and go straight to Greece tonight. In the process we are loosing out on seeing Albania and Macedonia, but we were only planning on spending 1.5 days in each of them, and 120 euros does not make sense in that case.

We’ll try to catch up in more details soon (in Greece), but in the mean time I have to run, Marizanne is waiting by the bags at the port about 3 km away and this place is charging 5 euro per hour for internet access! Unbelievable!

Cheers Italy, Hello Greece! Chat soon, jan

4 Responses to “Naples no more”  
Brutus Says:

makes you almost wish for a starbucks and some free net access with coffee! lol glad to hear you chaps are winging it a bit, now things get even more interesting! loving the stories. keep them coming

Lauren Dreyer Says:

Despite the bad weather and other problems it still sounds like a great adventure! Safe journey!!

Mamma van PE Says:

Jammer Capri was nie so suksesvol nie! Onthou al 3 of 4 klein inleg tafeltjies met die uitskroef potjies??? hier gekoop en Pappa moes maar dra,
Shame, hy was darem fantasties! Dis die lekkerte van julle toer ,julle kan so bietjie chop en change as julle wil.Dit hoef nie ‘n jaagtog te wees om absoluut by die letter te bly nie, behalwe waar julle vooruit bespreek het.
Dit konvoes my om altyd te weet in watter Mamma van PE -blokkie ek moet antwoord!Maak seker nie saak nie.
Kry volgende week ‘n bloeddruk monitor vir 24uur aan.Is al vir meer as 2 weke van BDpille af,dit bly hoog,maar my hoes is feitlik weg!!
Ek sal graag vd ander vriende se kommemtaar ook wil lees. Is nog steeds lief vir julle.Bye xx

Pa en Ma Deacon Says:

Hi julle

Sus, baie dankie vir jou e-mail van gister. Met ons gaan dit baie goed. By die werk gaan dit dol. Ek is baie bly dis weer naweek. Ons gaan ‘n bietjie uiteet en sommer net rus.
Ons hoop julle gaan Griekeland baie geniet. Ons wil ook nog eendag soontoe gaan.
Nou ja, pas julle baie mooi op en geniet alles!!
Baie liefde
Ons twee