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Location: Italy : Arrival in Roma

What was supposed to be 4 train trips, turned into 5 after the second train was delayed yester morning, and we missed our connection in Montpellier.  As a birthday present to Jan, we booked a sleeper coach from Nice to Rome and it was absolutely heaven!

 We arrived in Rome at 09:45 this morning and were approached by various hostel “agents”. In the end we took an offer from one of them and are staying in a Bed & Breakfast very close to the station for quite cheap.

Thanks so much for all the birthday messages on the blog and all the text messages yesterday, I really appreciate it. I was not able to reply to all the texts, but please know that they are all very special.

We are off to explore Rome and will report back tomorrow on our first of 3 days here.

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Pa en Ma Deacon Says:

Hi julle twee
Ons is bly julle het ‘n lekker trip tot in Rome gehad. Julle moet die 3 dae daar baie geniet. Met ons gaan dit nog baie goed. Ek is baie bly dis weer naweek. Ons gaan vannaand fliek en daarna eet. More-aand gaan ons by die v d Merwes eet en Sondag by Werner en Sune.
Geniet julleself en pas julle baie mooi op.
Lief vir julle.
Ons twee