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Location: 1. Western Europe : Photos are here!

We’ve finally uploaded some photos and added them to the appropriate posts.

To navigate through all the previous posts and see the photos, select a country or city from the dropdown box under ‘Countries’ in the right hand side menu.

For the first (latest set) click here, then navigate from there.

You can also see all the photos we’ve uploaded to ‘flickr’ by clicking here.

We hope to upload photos as often as possible, but it is a bit more complicated because of the places we’re going to.


3 Responses to “Photos are here!”  
Lauren Dreyer Says:

Hellooo!!! Jan I hope you had a good Birthday! Looks like its going well so far, photos are fantastic! Will keep a close eye on your progess. LOTS LOVE!

Belisa Says:

Hallo julle 2….julle ‘world trip’ klink fantasties, te lekker om te lees van julle ervaringe, geniet elke minuut!!

Kim Harries Says:

Hi you guys,

Wow you guys are defiantely have a ball and by the looks of things a fantastic time, your pictures are awesome, keep them coming, they the only things that keep me sane here at work :0)

p.s We finaly made it to Switzerland and it was amazing, we going back for a week-end in summer and also going to Norway :0)

Speak to you soon