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Location: Morocco : Fascinating Fez

Our first night apart ended up being not so traumatic after all and it actually enabled us to meet alot of new people.

The youth hostel served free breakfast in the garden (pain ou chocolat and cafe au lait) and we met a very nice Brazilian couple, Luiz & Karla, (see photo below) who invited us to join them on a guided tour they had previously organised. The guide picked us up at 10am and very kindly offered to store our bags in the boot of his car for the morning. As it is apparently illegal to store any luggage at hostels (unless you are staying the night), there was absolutely no way to convince the them to help us.

Official tour guides cost 120 Dirhams for 3 hours and the tour was definately worth every penny! He took us through a maize of alley ways to all the different mosques, markets and factory work shops – wood, metal, leather, embroidery, etc.

The highlight was the leather tanneries – huge pits in the ground each with a different colour natural dye (red = henna, yellow = safron, green = mint leaves, blue = indigo and brown = sedar wood). The guide took us to a leather shop high above the tanneries from where we had an excellent view over the pits. It was quite amazing to watch the workers prepare and colour the leather.

Our tour ended at about 2pm and since then we’ve been stuck with our bags and have spent 4 hours slowly sipping mint tea at a cafe on the main street.  We have another 3 hours to kill before our overnight bus (actually airconditioned!) to Tangier, and we will be spending most of it in this little internet cafe uploading photos. Watch this space..

Tonight starts perhaps one of our longest non-stop journeys departing on the 5th and arriving only on the 7th of April:
– Overnight bus from Fez to Tangier (23:00 to 05:00)
– Ferry from Tangier to Tarifa (09:00 to 11:35 – Spain 2 hrs ahead)
– Bus from Tarifa to Algeciras (12:30 to 13:00)
– Train from Algeciras to Bobadilla (15:50 to 18:35)
– Train from Bobadilla to Barcelona (21:27 to 09:27)

Obviosly we will not be updating the blog tomorrow, so we will touch base again in the beatiful Barcelona!



















Luiz & Karla:

Thanks again for the lovely time guys – best of luck on your travels

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Morne, Leanne and Ethan Says:

Hey guys, glad you’re having such a great time. Can you believe that it is snowing here in London today!! Weird, but pretty. Ethan had his 1st birthday party yesterday and it was great. He was spoilt rotten even though his actual b’day is on Tuesday, so I am sure he will get more pressies from the family then too. We have a blog too for you to check some pics out. http://www.mlsmit.blogspot.com

Anyway, please take care and look forward to the next update in Barcelona. We have always wanted to go there. The architecture is supposed to be amazing.

Brutus Says:

painting a very vivid picture with all the markets and dye pits, must be a lovely experience. and for the food too.
look forward to seeing some of those shots.

sunday today and cold here, woke up to snow. it snowed most of the morning but all gone unfortnately.
keep well

Benje Deacon Says:

Hi julle. Ons is bly dat julle dit sover baie geniet en dat julle uit Afrika is!! Dankie vir julle sms oor die naweek. Ons het ‘n baie lekker naweek gehad. Tannie Riens, Elanza en die kinders het toe vie die hele naweek by ons gekuier. Almal stuur baie liefde en groete vir julle. Met almal gaan dit baie goed. Klein Anesiatjie was effens olik, maar sy is weer OK. Verder gaan dit baie goed met ons en ons dink elke dag aan julle. Julle moet dit steeds baie geniet!! Pas julle baie mooi op en onthou ons is baie lief vir julle!!
Baie liefde
Ons twee

jan Says:

Hi Morne, Leanne & Ethan,

The birthday party looks like it was a lot of fun. Ethan is getting very big! Happy birthday for tomorrow Ethan! Make sure Mommy and Daddy spoil you even more.

We tried to leave a comment on your blog but no luck.. guess we’re not in the inner circle.. :)

Lots of Love, Jan and Marizanne

charlie Says:

Hi Julle,

Dit lyk awesome. Hou aan foto’s neem. So jaloers op julle toeriste terwyl ek by die werk sit.

Mooi bly

Karla & Luiz Says:

Thanks for the “very nice Brazilian couple”!!
I was lovely to meet you guys.
We wish you a good trip with lots of fun!!
Take care!